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By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 6, 2022

Above-ground pool liners are very essential in protecting the pool structure and keeping the water inside the pool. Most of the time, the liner is included in the package if you buy a new above-ground pool. However, it may deteriorate after several years of using it and it becomes less efficient. When this happens you need to get a new one.

Keep in mind that when choosing the best above-ground pool liner, look for the one that is durable, sturdy, and have the right size. Its appearance is only an added factor that you can consider.  This buying guide will give you tips on what to look for, so you will not have a hard time deciding. Also, I have reviewed 8 of the above-ground pool liners available in the market today.

8 Best Above Ground Pool Liner in 2022

1. Smartline Rock Island

Smartline Rock Island 24-Foot Round Liner Overlap Style 48-to-52-Inch Wall Height 20 Gauge Virgin Vinyl Designed for Steel Sided Above-Ground...

When it comes to an above-ground pool liner, the Smartline brand is known for its durability. This pool liner is available in different designs and sizes. Regardless of what your purpose is in buying a pool liner, this product will provide what you need. This sturdy and durable product is made of 100% virgin vinyl and is available in unique and lovely patterns to transform your pool into a mini paradise. Make sure you measured the pool size correctly before buying.

Smartline Rock Island is made of premium quality material. It can withstand chemicals and UV fading because it has Lamiclear technology. Each layer is made of acrylic topcoat, which is UV resistant and 100% virgin vinyl base. This pool liner will fit your pool well. The company offers a 20-years limited warranty to protect it against defects in workmanship.

Installing the liner is easy. You can drape the liners over the pool walls upon installation. If the bottom seam is near the cover, you can secure the liner. You can use coping strips to hold the material in place before placing the top rails into the pool. You don’t need the bead receivers. It is recommended for pools with a flat bottom and has a wall height of 48 inches to 50 inches. This type of pool liner is not recommended for Intex or Pop-Up pools.


  • Tough and durable
  • Easy to install
  • With the attractive pattern


  • It easily gets wrinkled

2. Swimline Round Boulder

Swimline Round Boulder Swirl Beaded Pool Liner, 52-Inch Deep, 18-Feet

One of the best features of Swimline Round Boulder is the Lamiclear.  It provides optimum chemical and UV protection. And because of this, you can be assured that your pool liner will last longer even when subjected to harsh conditions. It will still provide the best service you expect to get.

Its standard gauge vinyl construction is yet another feature that makes this product popular. This will ensure that the product will not get easily destroyed. It is made of premium quality material that is strong and provides the quality that you are looking for in a pool liner.

Furthermore, the brand is proud of its double-welded seams which are quite robust. The seam adds the needed stability to make sure your liner will serve you for many years.

Recommended for any type of pool 52 inches deep. The pool liner can cover your pool efficiently without losing water through the wall. It will also make sure that the pool remains in good condition without rusting.

Another good feature of this product is that it is easy to install. It will only take you less than an hour to lay the liner completely and start swimming. This liner will last for years and you don’t have to spend a lot just to get this item.


  • Quite durable
  • Affordable
  • UV and corrosion protected


  • No reported issue so far

3. In the Swim Pool Liner

In The Swim 18 Foot Round Overlap Above Ground Pool Liner Boulder Swirl 20 Gauge

If you want to achieve a classic look for your pool, the solid blue color In the Swim pool liner is the best option. This pool liner makes use of a high-quality printing process, so you don’t have to worry about the heat of the sun. Likewise, the material is quite stable and it will not become brittle and less prone to tear.

It is made of extra-strong virgin vinyl, which measures 20 gauge thick. Although it is not the thickest liner in the market, it is a recommended replacement for your original above-ground tools. It has an overlap style that can fit 18-foot pools having 48 or 52 inches walls.

To make sure it will last longer, this brand has double-welded seams that can hold up well for years. It is made in the US so you are assured the product is not made of cheap materials. In the Swim, the pool liner has undergone thorough quality testing. The price is budget-friendly, which makes it a good option if you are in search of a prime pick. In the Swim pool liner, solid blue comes with a 15 years warranty that covers all the damages and it only proves that it is made of a reputable liner.


  • Made of a durable vinyl material
  • Very affordable
  • Double-welded seams that reduce wear


  • Quite thin layer

4. Stoney Creek Quality Pool Products

This Stoney Creek Quality Pool Product pool liner is a combination of lovely print and premium-quality vinyl which makes it very popular among pool owners. Once you install it and filled it with water the stone print shines. It gives you the feeling like you are on the beach.

With its top-level construction, it will surely last for a long time. It comes with a 25 gauge thickness and the seams provide great strength and tear resistance. No need to worry about chemicals or sunlight as the liner can keep its quality longer.

With regards to dimensions, the base diameter is 18 feet. Pools with flat bottom could benefit a lot from this and it fits perfectly the various pool wall heights. It utilizes an overlap attachment, so you will not have any difficulty in installing it. The price is reasonable enough for an above-ground pool liner if you are in search of an attractive liner at a reasonable price.

This product comes with a 25-year warranty. With this pool liner, you want to get into the pool again and again.


  • Lovely Stoney Creek 3D print design
  • Durable construction
  • It does not fade easily even under the sun


  • May tend to wrinkle easily

5. Coping Strips for Overlap

Coping Strips for Overlap Above Ground Pool Liners

These strips are quality linear that is ideal for above-ground swimming pools. The main purpose of getting these clips is to hold the pool liner in position on the wall before you could add the top rail. They are non-corrosive to make sure that it will last for many years, thus it saves you on replacement costs.

Coping strips are available in two colors black or white depending on which one will fit your pool liner. Along with the high-grade strips and clips, it includes an installation manual to assure you that you will not have any hard time installing them.

Furthermore, these liner strips are quite affordable even though it is made of high-quality material that will make sure that you get value for the money you spent. These strips will last for many years, which means that you don’t have to replace the product every now and then.


  • Quite affordable
  • Made of premium-quality material
  • Installation is easy and fast


  • It cannot hold the liner tight enough

Tips For Choosing the Best Above Ground Pool Liner

Liner Types

There are three different types of pool liners – beaded, uni-bead, and overlap. The difference lies in how the liner is installed.


Attach this liner to the bead receiver at the top edge. It makes the liner easy to install and remove. The beaded liners are available in several attractive designs and are easier to line up as compared to overlap models. The only drawback is that it is quite expensive.


The uni-bead pool liners are very versatile. You can install them as a beaded liner or as a modified overlap. It comes with a J-hook on top so you can easily hang them on the edge, but with an impressive precision as compared to overlap liner. But if you have a bead receiver, you can simply cut off the hook and tuck the liner in the receiver.


You can drape the liner over the edge and locked it in place using plastic copings and the top rail. There could be an issue in lining up and will leave you a liner hanging on the other side. But it is more affordable.

Determine the Size

Size is the most essential aspect when getting a pool liner replacement. Most of the time, the sizes are standardized to fit most of the pool dimensions. There are lots of pool owners that get the wrong size and end with a liner that is too small or too big. It’s because of this why you need to measure the swimming pool accurately before buying.

Measure the pool height from the ground to the top rail. In the case of a round pool, measure the diameter from one side to the other as you go through the pool center. For a rectangular pool, you need to know the width and length. It does not matter what type of pool you have, it is best to measure it in different spots. If there are some variations with the numbers, it is best to go with the bigger one.


You have to choose the one that is made of premium quality materials. A small puncture or cut could result in water leaks or dirt that could enter the pool. The overall quality of the pool will depend on the material it is made off and also its thickness.

Most of the pool liners we have featured here are made of vinyl. But, some are made of virgin vinyl which provides a greater level of quality. Since virgin vinyl is made of fresh plastic, it means that it is new and provides optimum strength and durability.


The thickness is presented as gauges. One gauge measures 1/1000 of an inch, but it is not standardized so the number of gauges may vary in actual thickness from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Most of the pool liners have a thickness of between 20 and 25 gauges. The thicker the liner the better. Some may go for the thickest liner, but it is hard to install and sometimes has wrinkles.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

What is the purpose of placing a pool liner for above-ground pools?

The pool liner serves as a barrier that goes inside the above-ground pool. The water the liner has a direct contact as it keeps it in. It is made of thick vinyl material and is attached to the pool’s top edge.

Why an above-ground pool requires a pool liner?

A pool liner is needed to keep the water in the pool and to prevent any leaks. The liner helps retain the pool to maintain its shape and support the structure. It also serves as a protective layer and prevents wall damage.

Does it make any difference if I purchase a thicker pool liner?

Yes, pool liner thickness is vital. Thicker liners can protect your pool from getting damaged and prevent it from cracks. Also, it can last longer as compared to thinner liners. However, installing a thicker liner is much harder and may have wrinkles on the surface. A thicker pool liner is more expensive than the thinner ones.

When is the right time to replace my pool liner?

If you notice that your pool liner is deteriorating then it is time to replace it. You can fix an accidental risk, but if you notice that it has become brittle then you can replace the entire liner. A liner may last up from 5 to 10 years. I suggest that you replace it before it completely breaks down.

What is Virgin vinyl?

Virgin vinyl is the material used in manufacturing a pool liner. If the product is made of virgin vinyl it means that it is made of 100% pure vinyl. The material contracts and expands evenly.


After reading my review, which among the 8 products I reviewed is the best? The truth is there is no perfect brand. Most of these pool liner is being manufactured by a bigger company and distributed by different brands. However, among the eight products I reviewed, I think the Smartline products have some edge over others. The brand has is stand out when it comes to the quality of materials, designs, type of liners, and others. The price is also competitive, which means you will get a high-quality pool liner at an affordable price. If you have any questions about the topic, feel free to comment below.

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