6 Best Vacuum for Intex Pool

By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 8, 2022

If you own an Intex pool one of your main concerns is how to keep it clean. You might be thinking that cleaning is a hard and huge task. Cleaning is easy with the help of a vacuum. There are thousands of vacuums for Intex pools and finding the best is not an easy task.

In this post, I have compiled 8 of the best vacuum for Intex pool including their pros and cons and buying guide to help you find the one that will suit your needs. At the end of this review, I have recommended what I think is the best among the best that you can consider buying. Let’s start with a comparison table.

Why do you need a vacuum for the Intex pool?

Vacuuming is the process by which you maintain your Intex pool. To get rid of the debris that accumulates at the bottom of your pool. This debris accumulates and will eventually affect the water quality of your pool if not removed. Then, you will surely need a vacuum. And cleaning should be done frequently to reduce the burden on the pump and filtration system.

Also, if you vacuum the pool often, the chemicals will keep working at their best. And you will find the pool appealing, even on a hot summer day. The filter system cannot do all the work, it is already doing a good job circulating the water and chemicals. You need the vacuum to get rid of the debris that gathered at the bottom of the pool.

Top 3 Recommendation

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  • Brand: Baracuda
  • Color: Blue
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  • Brand: Hayward
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  • Brand: Intex
  • Color: Grey
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6 Best Intex Pool Vacuum of 2022

1. Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Automatic

Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Automatic

The Zodiac Ranger Suction Pool Cleaner has a large wheel deflector that prevents the vacuum from getting caught on ladders and hard corners. It has an AG disc to make sure that the vacuum can slide easily with ease at the bottom of the pool and around the steps and walls. Because of these features, it is considered one of the best swimming pools cleaners for the Intex pool.

When it comes to price, it is a bit cheaper compared to other brands. Zodiac Ranger can remove even the tiniest dirt, whether you need to get rid of stones, twigs, or leaves. It has a valve that allows the water to flow and ensure optimum performance as it operates quietly. Also it have a good flow rate.

The package includes a 32-foot feed hose that can reach even the farthest part of the pool in case you have a bigger pool. You can get several accessories to accompany the vacuum and perform special jobs in your pool. If your pool is connected with skimmed pipes, the Zodiac Ranger vacuum cleaner is the best choice.

The automatic vacuum cleaner has deflector wheels that enable you to control the water flow of your pool. Its powerful pump assures a great cleaning experience for the user. The tool does not require high maintenance as it has replaceable parts and is quite durable.

The cleaner does not require any assembly as it comes pre-assembled. The tool is designed to work effectively, quietly, regulate water flow instantly, quickly, and ensure peak performance.


  • Affordable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Gets rid of small debris


  • Difficult to clean

2. Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Suction

Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Suction

If you are looking for a pool cleaner that is fun and easy to use, the Hayward 900 Wand is a good choice.  This vacuum cleaner has a whale-like design which makes cleaning exciting and provides a different experience.

It does not matter how big or small your pool is, Hayward 9000 can get rid of dirt and debris. The cleaner has a unique Hayward SmartDrive program so it will not miss any spot. With regards to price, it is a bit expensive as compared to others. This vacuum cleaner performs well and is worth buying if you can afford it.

The device is known to operate with ease and trouble-free. Your cleaning task will not be interrupted by the need to empty or replace the debris bags. And since it works well with your filtration system, it does not require extra energy – though it requires a booster pump. Installing it will only take you ten minutes or less including the hoses.

Hayward improves water circulation as it serves as a moving main drain that pulls the water from the bottom. This means as the water circulates, your pool remains cleaner without the need of using too many chemical sanitizers. If you are getting tired of cleaning your Intex pool manually Hayward Wanda is the best alternative to keep your pool clean all the time.


  • Fun and exciting design
  • The best filtering system
  • Very reliable and safe to use


  • Quite expensive than others

3. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

If your main concern in choosing the pool cleaner is the price, then you can consider this cleaner. It has good features that you would not expect to have because of its price.

The vacuum cleaner does not have a fancy design like Hayward Wanda, but it is very affordable and practical. It is mainly designed for Intex pools and requires a water flow rate of 1200 to 3500 gallons per hour.

This unit will go through the bottom of your pool with its four wheels without scratching or damaging the vinyl liner. Despite being an affordable pool cleaner, you would not be able to distinguish it just by looking at it as it has the same appearance as compared to high-quality cleaners.

But because of its price, it may lack some features that an expensive model may possess. These features are essential, but they do not affect the mechanism of the pool cleaner. And despite being cheap it can work efficiently to get rid of all the dirt from your pool.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Compact and easy to use


  • Limited features

4. Automatic Generic Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner

Automatic Generic Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner Vacuum Complete Set W Color Box

This Automatic Generic Kreepy Krauly Cleaner from JDM Auto Lights is quite new in the market. Despite being new it has proven its worth based on the reviews it gets from its users. This tool has a TS Smart design which does not require rigid maintenance, unlike others. It has the power to clean your pool efficiently at an affordable price.

The device is effective in cleaning the dirt, bugs, short twigs, leaves, debris, and others from your pool. It enables you to spend more time swimming rather than cleaning it. It does not have wheels or gears which means you don’t have to deal with breaking, jamming, or other factors that might interrupt your cleaning process.

This cleaning tool has a superior hydraulic design for the best vacuuming power. It is best for the above-ground pool that is as big as 16 x 32 inches. This vacuum cleaner makes sure that every inch of the pool floor is cleaned thoroughly. It have a nice flow rate.

Electricity is not needed as you can connect it to your existing filtration system. With this cleaner, you can efficiently clean the pool without spending a lot. The cleaner has an eco-friendly design with a smart design without the need for thorough maintenance. It cleans well without producing too much noise. Cleaning the pool is fast and effortless.


  • Durable design made of thinner PVC
  • No issues with jamming as it does not have wheels
  • Very efficient and low maintenance


  • It cannot pick up the leaves, it only pushes it away

5. PAXCESS Automatic Pool Cleaner

PAXCESS Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner, Robotic Pool Cleaner with 5000mAh Rechargeable Battery, 60-90 Mins Working Time, IPX8 Waterproof, Lightweight

The Paxcess robot cleaner is one of the latest entrants. It can get rid of dirt on the walls and floors up to 50 feet long. The cleaner has three programmable timers that allow you to clean the pool according to your pace. You might find the cartridge filters a bit large as compared to others. This only means that it works well on bigger debris.

As compared to top cleaners in the market, the Paxcess Automatic Pool Cleaner works well in bigger debris. So if you prefer a robot pool cleaner that will fit your budget, this model is an excellent choice.

This pool robotic cleaner has four PVA sponge roller brushes with strong absorption that is excellent in climbing the wall without worrying about falling. Its cleaning power is twice which leaves the dirt nowhere to hide. It is controlled by a smart computer program so you can set it and let it do the cleaning. The device can be set automatically with the use of three settings – one hour, two hours, and three hours.

It has a swivel cord so you don’t have to deal with tangles and lets the robots move easily and fast around your swimming pools with a breeze. You will not have any issues when it comes to filtration. It is effective in cleaning not just the pool but also keeps the water circulating well and keeps the pool sparkling clean.


  • Offers 2-year warranty
  • Can set into three different setting
  • Tangle-free cleaning


  • Leaves black scuff on the pool

6. QOMOTOP Robotic Pool Cleaner

OT QOMOTOP Robotic Pool Cleaner, Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner with 5000mAh Rechargeable Battery, 90 Mins Working Time, IPX8 Waterproof, Ideal for..

When it comes to cooling the pool, Qomotop robotic pool cleaner is a brand you can trust. The cleaning pool has long gone. The brand is known for its robotic pool cleaner. It has an advanced design that can go around the pool and provides better suction power. This cleaner has four scrubbing brush that provides two filler baskets.

You don’t have to worry when operating the cleaner as it has simple operations as compared to other cleaners. This cleaner is quite portable which impresses many users. This pool cleaner is very smart in that it can clean the pool itself. Also, it can climb the pool walls to clean every corner of the pool. It saves time and exerts less effort even if you use it manually in cleaning the pool.

This cleaner is plug and play which means, you can just plug in the power supply and then position the cleaner into the pool. Then press the start button. You can set the cleaner into three cleaning modes, you decide which works best for you. To set the cleaner, first press the cycle button, then choose from 1, 2, or 3 whichever you prefer.

The machine is multi-purpose regardless of what type of pool you have, you can use this cleaner. It is safe on fiberglass, vinyl liner, or concrete. This pool cleaner is user-friendly and it only weighs 22 pounds with a friendly design and it does not require a caddy cart to lift it out of the water. If you purchase this cleaner, there is no need to purchase other items separately.


  • Powerful cleaning device
  • It has four cleaning brushes to clean the pool efficiently
  • Compatible to any type of pool


  • Works intermittently

Things to Consider Before Buying Energy Efficient Pool Cleaner

Pool Vacuum Cleaner

There are things that you need to consider when searching for the best pool vacuum for the Intex pool. A little bit of knowledge and planning will make sure that you will end up buying the right tool for your specific needs.

Types of Pool Cleaning Vacuums

There are different types of vacuums that you can use in cleaning your Intex pool. Choose one that will fit your needs.

Robotic Pool Vacuums

This type of vacuum is a bit expensive because it has internal motors for powerful cleaning. Since this type of vacuum requires a power source, make sure that there is an electrical socket near the pool area. A robotic pool vacuum is an automatic pool cleaner that moves around your pool and picks up dirt on its own.

Suction Pool Vacuums

This type of vacuum cleaner is also called creepy-crawly or barracuda. You can easily recognize this pool since it has a big rubber flange that runs all over at the bottom of the pool, sucking dirt and small debris.

It can also clean the walls of your pool. The power source of suction vacuums for soft-sided pools is from the pool pump and does not need an external power source.

Hand-held or Manual Pool Vacuum

As the name implies it is operated manually. But it does not necessarily mean that you will do the scrubbing and get wet. This type of vacuum is connected to long poles so they can be submerged in the water and reach the sides and bottom of your pool. However, you will require some elbow grease for hand-held models.

The automatic and the robotic cleaners may tend to become weighty, so make sure you are comfortable when getting the pool vacuum in the pool.

Cordless or Corded

A corded pool cleaner is best for the bigger above-ground pool since you will need to cover a wider surface without worrying about losing suction power. Also, a corded model is best for dealing with leaves, larger debris, acorns, and others.

However, if you have a small Intex pool a cordless unit is recommended as it can do the right job. Before you purchase a cordless model do not forget to consider the running and charging time.

Pool Size

You are not required to buy the biggest tool in the market today. There is no need for buying the biggest machine if your pool is smaller and vice versa. If you own bigger Intex models, you will need a pool vacuum that can handle the workload of a bigger pool.

You need to consider the size of the pool as the length of the hose will depend on it. The cleaner needs to reach all the edges of your Intex pool. In case the pool vacuum has an external power cord, make sure that it is long enough to reach the nearest electrical socket.

Set-Up and Maintenance

Installing the vacuum is easy. Most vacuum cleaner has a plugin and goes type that you can use right away out of the box. Take some time and look at how the units will be installed, set up, and connected. The robotic models are heavier as compared to other styles. The handheld units may require charging the batteries.


Choose a vacuum pool cleaner that can penetrate even the hard-to-reach corners.  A small pool corner can easily reach tight spaces and corners that a bigger one cannot do. Select the one that can climb stairs and walls. If you can find a cleaner for Intex pool with rubber tires the better. Also, pick the one with quality brushes.

Lightweight and User-friendly

It is best if the pool cleaner is lightweight. A heavyweight unit can easily damage your pool liner. Keep in mind that these liners are made of sensitive material known as a triple-ply polymer. A lightweight pool cleaner is user-friendly. It is much easier to pull in and out of the pool water if you use a lightweight vacuum cleaner.

How Does the Vacuum Work?

The vacuuming process involves connecting the skimmer and a vacuum head to a hose. Then, the vacuum head is attached to a metal telescope pole. This pole will help to push the vacuum head around the bottom of the pool. Then a suction power will be created due to the pressure from the filter pump and its motor. And this pressure will pick up the dirt from the bottom of the pool. It will be easier to make use of a vacuum to lean the pool instead of walking around the pool. You might not even get the job done efficiently.

Consequences of Not Vacuuming

There will surely be some issues resulting from not using the best pool vacuum cleaner. The pool will look dirty, and debris will accumulate both on its surface and bottom. Then the chemicals will find it hard to work effectively. And the cost of maintenance will surely increase as you will have to use more chemicals. And more time will be wasted. If the dirt builds up, the pool will be polluted, it will look cloudy. It will even lead to the growth of algae and it will be unsafe for use.

Types of Pool Cleaners for Intex Pools

We have four major types of Vacuum available for Intex pools. And they are:

  1. Suction Pool Vacuums

They use the suction power of the Intex pool pump to get rid of the debris and dirt. They need more energy, and as a result, they need a more powerful pump to get rid of the dirt.

  1. Pressure Pool Cleaners

These vacuums make use of the water returning from the Intex pool. They do not border the filtration system, and they can be used for big Intex pools with large dirt in them.

  1. Robotic Pool Cleaners

These are very efficient in use. They have nothing to do with the filtration system of the pump. They come with their filter and motor.

  1. Handheld Pool Vacuums

Making use of this vacuum is like using the vacuum in your home or car. You have to move the vacuum manually throughout the pool area.

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How can I use an Intex pool vacuum with a garden hose?

To make an Intex pool vacuum with a hose you will need some tools first, they are:

A Garden hose

A hose of approximately 25 ft. in size is recommended. You may make use of the old hose or you get a new one. But whichever one you use, ensure that it covers the total length of the pool, from top to bottom.

A telescopic pole

This telescoping pole will be used to gather the dirt from the pool.

Vacuum bag

The vacuum bag will supply the needed suction to the tool. And it will prevent the debris from going back into the pool after harvesting.

Plastic funnel

The plastic funnel will help to enlarge the small mouth of the hose. Increasing its capacity to collect much debris and speed up the cleaning process. You can make use of a bottle as a funnel, you just cut it at an angle of 45 degrees.

Now to the step-by-step instruction

  1. Attach the vacuum bag

After you’ve decided on the hose to use, attach one end of the hose to the vacuum bag. Ensure a correct connection of this section. Pick the end of the hose that has a valve attached to it. Then attach the valve to the vacuum bag, this will create the needed suction pressure.

  1. Securely connect the telescopic pole

First, remove the hold of the telescoping pole from the handle of the leaf skimmer. And connect it to the hose. You can effectively remove the telescoping pole from the leaf skimmer either by applying pressure to disorganize the pins attached. This is for the case where the handle of the leaf skimmer has 2 pins attached. The applied pressure will remove the handle after disorganizing the pins. The other way is by twisting the leaf skimmer portion to disorganize the skimmer and the pole. This method is regarded as a standard.

Now that the telescoping pole has been removed. Find the vacuum pool hole in the hose and attach it to the telescoping pole. You may make use of a knot to tie both tools. That is if you are finding it difficult to connect the hose and the telescoping pole. Now you are good at using the pool vacuum with a hose. Now that you have successfully installed the Intex pool, there will be a need for maintenance. Part of it is getting rid of the dirt. The pool filter will do its part but there will be some debris that settles at the bottom of the pool.

Thereby, you will need a vacuum cleaner to do this job effectively. There are several best pool vacuums for Intex you can choose from. You just need the guide to help you out on the right type for your Intex pool. One of the best pool vacuums for Intex pool is the Intex 28005E ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner, Grey. Another one is the AIPER SMART Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner. There are virtually a lot of them. One thing is getting the right vacuum, another is knowing how to connect the vacuum to Intex pool. To get the vacuum connected to the Intex pool you first need to get ready the materials needed.

These materials are the brushes, gear module, hoses, and cleaner tops. You will also need bases, a debris net, and an exhaust ring plate. And there are guidelines to follow to get this done. And one thing is that the operation condition of the product is followed duly.


After reviewing the best vacuum for intex pools, I find the Zodiac Ranger as the best pool cleaning tool for the Intex pool. One reason is that it is lightweight and affordable, this only means that even if you are on a budget you can still afford to buy the unit. It has a sleek-looking exterior and operates silently. I love this product and would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a pool vacuum cleaner for an Intex pool. The above products reviewed are also reliable and you can consider them buying as well.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

How do above-ground pool vacuums work?

When cleaning an above-ground pool, vacuum cleaners and in-ground cleaners are identical. To remove dirt from your pool, both use the suction provided by the filter system. Underwater surfaces can be cleaned by scraping and scouring the algae and dirt off of the brush head.

Can I use an in-ground cleaner for my Intex pool?

Using the included 24ft. hose with the 1 1/2in. or 38mm hose connectors from Intex makes it easy to use the vacuums with ease. Designed for Intex above-ground pools with filter pumps rated at 1,600-3,500 GPH.  In-ground pools should not be used with this product.

Should I clean my pool daily?

The frequency with which you use your pool and its location should determine how often you clean it. Cleaning should include the removal of leaves and other debris. Insects and other creatures can be found on top of the surface. A pool net/skimmer is required to remove these items.

Is an automatic pool cleaner better than the manual type?

Automatic pool cleaners are the most efficient and effective pool cleaners. All kinds of debris can be vacuumed into the machine’s own filter. In addition, they have sophisticated technology that enables them to operate in any pool.

Do I change my filter bag daily?

Every month, clean your mechanical filter but don’t touch the chemical and biological filters. However, it is best to clean only the biological filter when visibly clogged or slow to preserve the beneficial bacteria present in your water system.

How to use Intex vacuum with dual outlets?

Connect the vacuum head to the telescoping pole and place it in your Intex pool
Remove the air by pushing the free end of the attachment, and the air comes out.
Insert the vacuum hose’s open end into the inlet.
Vacuum your pool by moving the vacuum head on the surface.

How to use a garden hose with an Intex pool vacuum?

Attach the telescoping handle to the hose pool vacuum by inserting it into the handle hole. The hose valve on the vacuum can be accessed by inserting the end of your hose into it. Vacuum the pool with a hose turned on and lowered into the water.

What is the best vacuum for above-ground pools?

With the right vacuum for your above-ground pool, you can get started in just a few seconds or a few minutes, depending on the model you choose. Regardless of what kind of vacuum you choose, keep the following pointers in mind:
Apply the right setting depending on how dirty your pool is.
When sweeping, make it slow and long so it will not send the debris scattering around the water.
Do not leave the vacuum in the pool water.
Make sure to test the water after vacuuming.

How often do I need to vacuum my Intex pool?

When it comes to vacuuming your Intex pool, once a week is a good rule of thumb. As soon as you notice a buildup of debris, dirt, or leaves on the bottom of your swimming pools, you should also vacuum the pool.

Does Intex Auto Pool Cleaner need your pool’s pump?

This cleaner requires a filter pump to vacuum your pool’s floor effectively. The filter pump’s pool rate should be between 5678-13248L per hr.

Do pool vacuums clean the walls of my Intex pool?

A fully automated vacuum cleaner can crawl over the pool’s floor and into the walls to the waterline. A 21-foot hose can help you complete the cleaning to reach all the pool’s sides.

How long do pool vacuums last?

Vacuum pool cleaners can last between five and seven years if properly maintained.

Do I need to vacuum my pool even if I leave a cover on it?

Yes, as some dirt and debris might penetrate even if you have its cover.

How to Hook Up Vacuum for Intex Above Ground Pool?

To hook up, simply insert the vacuum hose’s open end into the inlet (the other end is attached to the vacuum head)

What Size Vacuum Hose for Intex Pool?

The size of the vacuum hose you need for the Intex pool is 1.5 inches x 25 ft.

Can You Use A Vacuum On An Intex Pool?

Yes, you can use a vacuum on an Intex pool.

How do you vacuum a pool with an Intex pool?

First is to prime your vacuum by removing all the air from the vacuuming system before you start cleaning.
Hook your vacuum in the pool’s pump to let the water circulate. Then connect the vacuum hose to the suction port.
Start vacuuming by moving the vacuum head back and forth at the pool’s tile surface.

Why do you need a vacuum for your Intex Pool?

You can use the vacuum to get rid of all of the accumulated dust, tree debris, dirt, and other gunk from the bottom of your pool! Eventually, this debris will pollute your pool’s water if it isn’t removed with a vacuum.

How to Use Vacuum in your Intex Pool?

Connect the pool vacuum to a power source before using it. Make sure the hose is attached and lower it in at this point.

Can I vacuum algae out of my Intex pool?

Algae can’t be removed by vacuuming. You need to shock the pool and kill the algae before getting to the fun part of cleaning it. Brushing, vacuuming, and balancing your chemicals can begin afterward.

How do you vacuum an Intex above-ground pool?

Scoop debris from your above-ground pool with a leaf rake.
Clean the Intex pool using a leaf gulper garden hose vacuum.
Utilize a hose and Vac Head to vacuum with the filter.
A battery-operated handheld cleaner is a good option to clean your Intex pool.
Vacuum the pool with an automatic cleaner.

How do I protect my Intex pool from contamination?

Make sure the pool is cleaned and maintained regularly.
If you’re ill, do not swim.
Be prepared to deal with a fecal incident.
Before you go swimming, take a quick shower.
Wipe your ears dry once you get out.
Prepare your children.

Does a pool vacuum require me to turn on my pool pump?

Water levels should never fall below the level of your skimmer. There are two options: You can put your hose in the pool while you vacuum or add fresh water afterward. Otherwise, keep the filter setting and start vacuuming by turning on the pump. You won’t be wasting any water by doing this.

How long should you run your Intex pool filter?

Keep your filter pump running for at least 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Your pool water will be circulated at least once due to this. 12 hours is a good compromise for those who can’t afford to run their pool pump all day long.

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