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Best Above Ground Pool Liner

Above ground pool liners is very essential in protecting the pool structure and keeping the water inside the pool. Most of the time, the liner is included in the package if you buy a new above ground pool. However, it may deteriorate after several years of using it and it becomes less efficient. ...

Best Vacuum for Intex Pool

If you own an Intex pool one of your main concerns is how to keep it clean. You might be thinking that cleaning is a hard and huge task. Cleaning is easy with the help of a vacuum. There are thousands of vacuums for Intex pools and finding the best is not an easy task. In this post, I have ...

Best Above Ground Pool Light

Lighting up your pool does not have to be a hard task. You can purchase them online. But, because of the many products available in the market, you might have a hard time deciding which is the right product for you. If you know what to look for, it would not be that hard at all. To help you find ...

Best LED Pool Lights

A well-illuminated pool brightens up not just your backyard but also your mood. They have a whole lot of merit aside that. They make the pool more visible and more attractive. Don’t let nightfall restrict you from swimming. The LED light bulb is very efficient, consumes a lesser amount of energy ...

Best Lounge Chairs for Pool

Its summertime again! For swimming pool owners, it’s time to get the pool ready. Your summer experience will not be complete without getting tan. Some of you might just want to sunbathe and relax in the patio chairs. And to have the best experience, you should have the best lounge chairs for the ...

Best Paint for Concrete Pool Deck

If you are a pool owner, neglecting to paint your pool deck or surroundings could ruin the look of the entire pool. A study shows that 79.5% of homeowners with pool deck got hospitalized due to fractures on different parts of the body because of slippery floors. I have written this reviewed to help ...

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