How to Change a Pool Light

By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 7, 2022

Swimming is a fun-filled activity. So having a swimming pool is very convenient. But it will be more convenient if when you wish to swim, maybe at night or evening time. You will not have to dive into a pitch-black pool. It will even look scary, and it can be a dangerous self.

This is where the idea of swimming lighting comes in. So with the help of a good pool light, the swimmy pool atmosphere will be relaxing. And you will be able to swim without fear. So, if the pool light got burnt out or you feel like changing it to a new one with better features. This how-to change a pool light article will help you with how you can change the pool light bulb.

Things to note about changing your pool light

  • You can change your pool light even when it’s yet to spoil

Changing the pool light which has spoilt is very easy and straightforward. Know that, it might not be necessary for you to remove the bulbs before you replace them. You can even upgrade them to give better lighting. And they will give you more energy-sufficient LED lights. Some can change colors. Thereby, making your pool look beautiful at night and for evening parties. If your swimming pool is located in your backyard. It should be equipped with one or more lights.

  • You don’t necessarily need to lower your pool water before changing it light

Now, the bulbs in the pool, just like other bulbs can burn out. So you need to replace them. But there is one thing you have to know about how to change a pool light. To change the pool bulb is different from how you change the normal bulbs.

When replacing the burned-out light bulb you don’t need to lower the level of the water in the pool. You can easily remove the housing of the light from the poolside. What you have to do is pull the fixture up aside. And you can easily change the light bulb. You may ask for the help of a professional to change the bulb for you or you can do it yourself.

Note that safety is always a priority when dealing with electricity. So, when changing the pool light bulb here are things to do.

The first thing you need to get is the right bulb for your pool. Then you need a replacement land gasket, a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, a multimeter, and fee dry towels.

  1. Drain Some Water from the Pool. This is most of the time not necessarily. But, if you know that it will make your work very easy. You can drain a little water. Just know that you will have to refill the water when you are done. And do the necessary things to make the water balanced again. You don’t need to drain everything. You just have to be watchful of the electricity.
  2. Put Off the Power supply. You have to know that you are dealing with electricity. To change the poor light bulb, you will be in the water. So you have to make sure the electricity is off and there is no power before reaching the pool area. Some swimming pools can have their own separate circuit breaker box. So if you checked the main switch and you don’t see the pool breaker. You can check near the pool, its breaker box should be around there.
  3. Unscrew the screw at the top of the light fixture. It is always a single screw, and it is called screw-lock. This screw-lock is the only thing that holds the pool light fixture to the wall of the pool.
  4. Using a flat head screwdriver, disengage this light fixture from the niche box. And lose the fixtures in all other locations. After that you have pried out the lighting fixtures, then you should see many coils of cords. These coil of cords are coiled up in the niche box. Now with ease, you bring out the fixture and coil and place them on the concrete surfaces. If you unfold the cords but it isn’t unfolding, you can give it a few tanks by reaching behind the wall.

When you are removing the screws that held the fixture, be careful with them. This is because there will be some which will have to corrode over time. So be careful when removing them and not let debris fall in the water. If the screw had corroded, use dry towels and clean it. But if the corrosion is bad enough, you have to replace them also.

  1. Test the wires with a multimeter. Know that electricity and water are not a good combination. So make sure you test the wires with a multimeter before touching the wires. It is not even advisable to touch them with bare hands. Make use of hand gloves.
  2. Now, bring apart the lens, the face ring, and the lens gasket. With these being pulled apart, you will be able to reach the pool light bulb. Then, remove the Old or burnt light Bulb. Get a towel and use it to hold the bulb. Then gently unscrew it. When you have removed the old bulb, get a dry towel, and use it to clean inside the bulb fixture.
  3. Next, you put in the new light bulb. Gently place the new bulb in its fixture, and make sure it is tightly fitted. But not too much, so as not for it to break. Then return the lens gasket and the face ring. Lastly, you reorganize the light fixture
  4. Test the Light. Now that you have replaced the light, put on the power. And test the light and make sure the bulb works perfectly. Don’t waste time on this because pool lights are designed to function inside water. They can not operate for long out of water.


Above are some simple and easy steps that will be of help in changing your pool light. With these highlighted steps you can easily change the poor light in your swimming pool. Even if you just feel like changing the color of the light bulb that is there before to another color. This article has been of help.

You can get a pool light bulb with special features to replace the one colored bulb there. Just to make your pool look different for special events and parties. You follow the same procedure, and you are good to go.

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