How to Paint Concrete Pool Deck

By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 7, 2022

Your pool should always look neat and inviting. And it is very important to have a perfectly painted pool deck around your pool. This makes it unique and special. And if your pool deck’s paint is chipping, looks dirty or it is old. Then you have to repaint it to make it look better once more.

How to paint a concrete pool deck is very easy, and you can even do the painting yourself. If you are looking for a way to make your pool deck look nice. Then these best pool deck paint reviews are for you. This article will help you with how you can easily paint your concrete pool deck and make it look nice.

Things to consider before painting your pool deck

Your pool area will look different from a concrete pool deck. They help to decorate the pool and also serve as support for the pool. The concrete deck helps to provide space for swimmers to walk about. However, walking on it, and allowing some other elements to cause damage on the deck disfigures it. Luckily, you can prevent this damage by painting the swimming pool deck with suitable deck paint. Now, to paint your pool deck below are some steps you can follow to keep your pool neat and beautiful.

The first step is selecting the best deck paint that will improve the deck area around the pool. To select the best one, you have to consider some of these things;

  1. Bear in mind the paint that you use before.
  2. Know the type of paint you want. Either epoxy, water-based acrylics, or premium. Epoxy paints are solvent-based. They are regarded as the best paint and can stay for a longer period of six to eight years. They don’t get stained easily and are resistant to most chemicals. This paint can be used on concretes which has not been painted. Also, they can be used on units, plaster pools, and fibs. And if the former paint was epoxy, you can still re-use it.
  3. Premium Acrylic deck paints can also be used on concrete surfaces that have not been painted before. Or on concrete decks that have been painted with premium Acrylic paint before. You can apply this paint on decks when they are dry or wet. And it can last for 5 days before it gets dried.
  4. Water-based Acrylic paint gets dried up quickly. Within 3 days it gets dried up, but it does not last long like the epoxy paint and premium paint. It can last for two years and at most three years. This paint is the least preferred type because it could get stained. And it doesn’t resist chemicals.

Now how can we properly paint a concrete pool deck? To get started, there is some equipment you will need, and they are:

  • Broom
  • Degreasing cleanser
  • Scrub brush
  • Pressure washer
  • Pump sprayer
  • Epoxy primer
  • Paint tray
  • Concrete deck paint
  • Nonskid additive, optional
  • Long-handled roller and roller pads
  • Concrete sealer

How to paint the concrete deck

  • Make your pool deck clean of all debris, dirt, and dust. Remove all spots and stains on the concrete deck. You can remove all this dirt by getting a quality degreaser and scrubbing brush to wash them off. Once the deck is clean leave it to dry. After it got dried, sweep the area.
  • Next, get your desired paint ready, say epoxy paint. Then pour two epoxy paint sealer into the pump sprayer. Do this according to the product’s directions. Evenly spray the paint over the concrete deck and allow it to get better. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions accordingly when spraying the paint on the deck. Make sure the paint is evenly distributed on the concrete deck surface.
  • Now pour the concrete deck paint to a tray, and if you like you can add additives to the paint. The non-skid additives will provide a textured surface. This will allow people to walk on it with ease around the pool area. Now get a paint roller that has a long handle and use it to spread the paint. Start painting the deck from one end, and you paint it to the other end of the deck. Ensure that the paint is spread evenly as you move from one end to the other. To get a better result you can apply the paint on the deck twice. But you allow the first coat to dry for at least a day before you apply it the second time.
  • Lastly, seal up the desk. Get a new concrete sealer roller pad and pour out a bit of it on the concrete deck. Use the paint roller to apply the concrete sealer. And make sure that it is distributed evenly on the deck. When you are done applying the sealer, allow it to dry for the recommended amount of time specified. At most, it should get dried up within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Then your pool deck is fully ready.


Above are simple and easy ways how to paint a concrete pool deck. The concrete pool deck is a platform with which you can beautify your swimming pool. It gives durability to your pool and its surroundings. The pool deck gives a spectacular look to your pool.

Know that you can not make use of the normal exterior or interior paints to paint your concrete deck. It will not look to your satisfaction, and it will even peel off, chip, and lift. And when you want to seal the deck, get a textured sealer. This is to give you an additional layer of non-skid protection.


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