Best Paint for Concrete Pool Deck

Best Paint for Concrete Pool Deck

If you are a pool owner, neglecting to paint your pool deck or surroundings could ruin the look of the entire pool. A study shows that 79.5% of homeowners with pool deck got hospitalized due to fractures on different parts of the body because of slippery floors. I have written this reviewed to help you find the best paint for the concrete pool deck and avoid slippage and others.

Finding the right pain is not an easy task, so I have included in this write up 8 of the commonly used brands of paint that you can consider buying. Also, to help you decide, I have added a buying guide. Let’s start this review with a comparison table.

8 Best Paint for Concrete Pool Deck Reviews

1. In The Swim Super Poxy Shield Epoxy

If you are in search of a pool deck paint that provides you with long-lasting durability, high-quality epoxy, and an impressive finish, the In The Swim Super Poxy is the best option for you. It is available in four different shades.

Aside from the standard blue, you can also choose between white, dark blue, and black. Unlike other brands, this is a good brand because a single coating can last for eight years if appropriately applied. That is why it is considered as one of the best one-coat epoxies in the market today.

Apply this paint over an epoxy primer to get the result that you want. Proper application can produce a ceramic-like finish that is algae and stain-resistant on the pool surfaces. But, for previously painted surfaces, painting can be done directly since it already has an undercoat. 

You can use the paint on all standard pool surfaces like concrete, pebble, plaster, and fiberglass, but they have their own Gunite primer, which they prefer to be used as an undercoat if it involves concrete or fiberglass with rough surfaces. The brand can provide you coverage of around 150 square feet per gallon.

A single coat can make a difference on your pool deck. You will have a refreshed and enhanced look. When it comes to drawbacks, applying the pain is not that easy, as you will need to prime, scrub, and acid washes the surface before you can use it. However, the paint requires only a single coating, and by following the instructions carefully, with the right tools and accessories, you will get a superior finish.

In the Swim Super Poxy is suitable for different kinds of pool surfaces, and people have used it on their birdbaths, foundations, and hot tubs.

2. In The Swim Aqua Coat Water

The In The Swim Aqua Coat Water Paint is a water-based acrylic pool paint. What makes this product outstanding is that you can apply it even on damp surfaces. You can use it on the old acrylic coating or even on top of the rubber base paint. This versatile acrylic pool paint produces a short downtime of just three days.

You just need to apply a minimum of two coats as the initial application. It can cover around 250-300 square feet per gallon. Use a nine inches roller equipped with a 3/8 inches nap. Apply the second coating with four hours interval. The pot life is not known as long as you sealed it well. The curing time may take two days before filling.

For swimming pool owners who are in search of pool paint with minimal downtime and provides an impressive finish, the In the Swim Aqua Coat is an intelligent choice. The color has fast drying characteristics, which makes it stand out from the others.

The paint overall downtime after applying it in your pool is approximately three days, which is good as compared to other pool paints. A gallon of it can paint up to 275 square feet, which is quite impressive for water passed products. This paint is a durable acrylic enamel paint, even though it is water-based it can last for many years and provide a fantastic finish to any type of pool.

It has a reasonable price, very easy to apply, and quick-drying, that is why it is the number one choice for pool paint. In The Swim Aqua Coat Water is available in three colors – pool blue, white, and dark blue.

3. Patio and Deck Paint by In The Swim

It is the third In The Swim product on our list. It is also a water-based acrylic with anti-slip feature. You can apply the Patio and Deck even on damp surfaces, which makes the site preparation and painting short. If this is your first time to paint the pool deck, you need to apply a minimum of two coatings depending on the porosity on the surface.

Use a ½ inch nap roller when applying the paint on smooth surfaces. If you will apply it on a rough surface, use a ¾ inches nap roller cover. The paint coverage is approximately between 90 to 125 square feet per gallon on average. You need to wait for 4 hours between coats if the outside ambient air temperature is above 800F. The curing time may take around one to two days, but it depends on the outside air temperature.

When it comes to pool product production, the In The Swim is the leading company. The brand also offers one of the best deck paints in the industry today. This paint provides the best protection for your pool deck from the usual wear with a fresh and improved look the will keep the pests and cracks at bay.

You can use the paint to both the new and old concrete or wooden decks to make them more pleasing. The non-skid addictive is one of the features that makes it unique, and you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling.

An oil-based primer is needed for a wood application to make sure that the paint becomes highly effective. You can save a lot from this brand as each gallon can cover about 100-125 square feet. Thus, you get greater savings if you apply this paint to provide a new look for your pool deck.

4. Liquid Rubber Smooth Deck Coating

The Liquid Rubber Company sticks to what it believes that everybody has a choice. People can work on their projects using premium quality and eco-friendly products without the need to spend a lot of money.

The brand offers an extensive range of water-based, solvent free, and volatile organic compounds products. Let it cure to provide a seamless, flexible membrane that prevents water from penetrating and resists damage due to salt, harmful chemicals, and thermal cycling.

The brand is known to add a durable, waterproof surface in your pool deck. It is a premium quality polyurethane elastomeric coating that cures with impressive UV stability. You can use it in both textured and smooth finishes.

The paint is easy to apply, no need to hire contractors as you can do it on your own. Liquid Rubber is very flexible, as you can use it in big or small projects and accomplish it fast. Use a brush or roller in applying the paint.

The cured membrane has impressive UV stability and solar reflectivity. It means the layer can last for many years, enabling you to enjoy your work for a more extended period. Applying the Liquid Rubber Polyurethane is a great way to provide a protective layer to any DIY project. By coating your pool deck with this waterproof, durable paint, the surface will last longer and keeps its look longer.

5. Kelley Patio Tones Deck Coatings

You can make your pool deck surface look great and fresh with the Kelly Technical Olympic Paint. Buy the best tone that will fit your patio surface and apply the paint, and you will love the new look of your deck and convert your outdoor.

Kelly Technical Olympic paint is a water-based non-slip coating that gives your surface a different look as compared to the ordinary paint job. The product profoundly penetrates deeper into the surface to provide a slip-free deck. It can even conceal any damage once painted over cracks or broken concrete.

Another essential feature is the paint being resistant to peeling and chipping. The product is known to be very durable that can withstand even the harshest climate and is the best solution for enhancing and modifying your pool deck.

For those who are looking for a fast-drying pool deck paint, this is the brand to trust. After painting the surface, allow the curing time overnight. In case of a heavily trafficked surface, you need to leave it for 24hours. The curing time is quite fast, so you can save more time and can do your other tasks.

Aside from this, the paint is quite easy to apply. You just need to prepare the deck and complete the application of the pain for one day. Because of these, Kelly is one of the top-rate pool deck paint.

Another essential feature is its anti-slip finish. It can cover around 90 to 125 square feet and can resist chipping and peeling if appropriately applied and allowed to dry at the specified time. But this paint will work best only on concrete surfaces.

6. Encore Cool Decking Pool Deck Paint

If you are looking for a concrete pool deck paint with a quality finish, the Encore Cool Pool Deck Paint is a good option. It can reduce the amount of heat that your floor can absorb by 38% as compared to other types of paints. 

This water-based paint is eco-friendly that is very easy to apply. One of the best characteristics of this paint is that it prevents the accumulation of dirk on your deck. Thus, you will not have any difficulty washing it. Also, a gallon of this paint can complete the work with a 200 square feet wide deck.

The paint can enhance your deck and provides a scratch-free surface. Also, it is not expensive, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it. Cool is an intelligent choice as it works well on any type of surface. It can cool, seals, and repairs your pool deck surfaces. The product is not just for home pools. Some people also use this revolutionary paint for national landmarks, resorts, commercial swimming pools, water theme parks, and others.

So, if you are a painter, you will get more jobs if you use the Encore Cool Decking Paint on the right surface as it completes an excellent job. It provides commercial functionality at a reasonable price. The paint is ideal in areas where it is always sunny since it can cool down the temperature. Also, it is the best solution to protect the surface from becoming slippery.

7. Radonseal DryWay Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer

Usually, you need to reapply acrylic sealers every one to three years. One of the drawbacks of acrylic sealants is that it is soft and typically wears down quickly and unevenly. You may find it less costly at first, but once you need to reapply, the cost will add up.

With Radonseal DryWay Water Repellent Sealer, it’s different. Unlike other membrane sealers, this one works by penetrating below the surface, deeper into the concrete to seal your outdoor concrete to make it last up to ten years.

This Dryway from Radonseal is the newest and the most advanced water-repellent sealer for concrete and masonry that penetrates deeply. It consists of an emulsion of silanes and siloxanes. The nano chemicals of this sealer can penetrate up to ½ inch into the substrate, bond, react chemically, and cure internally. It is like sealing the pores of concrete with hydrophobic, silicone seal.

Dryway is a non-flammable, non-toxic, and ultra-low volatile organic compound concrete sealer. It complies with the state policy about VOC, does not contain chemical solvents, and is non-hazardous. As compared to water or alcohol-based siloxanes or silanes, the Dryway is fire and explosion resistant.

If you treat your concrete pool deck with DryWall, it will protect the surface with water and chemical spills for many years. Reduced annual maintenance, and it helps in reducing cracking, spalling, efflorescence, mold, algae growth, pitting, and spalling on the surface.

DryWay has a water-repellent property that aids in alleviating the rust stains, ground-in dirt, cleaning of oil spills, stubborn red clay stains, and contaminants from concrete. Also, engine fluids, stains from sprinklers, graffiti, grease, gum, and organic dyes.

In areas with cold weather, DryWay keeps the snow from sticking on the concrete surface. It will significantly reduce labor on chemical and concrete repair expenses.

8. Complementary INSL-X Sure Step Coatings SU0922092-01

The INSL-X Sure Step paint specifically made for a concrete deck pool with anti-slip properties. It requires less preparation and no priming that provides a smooth coating all the time. Pool owners like this paint because of its super thick consistency, and it hides any imperfections on the surface. It is best for pool decks with chips and small cracks.

The paint can cover approximately 80 to 120 square feet and has a lovely desert sand shade. It provides a smooth finish and protects the pool deck surface from damage. The occurrence of injury due to slippage is not likely to happen because of its non-slip property.

If you are looking for a high-quality primer, you can also use this product. You can use it also as a standalone coating that you apply to untreated surfaces. The result is a lovely desert sand finish. The paint is also best for other types of surfaces like walkways, patios, stairs, and other surfaces. Upon the application of the product, it produces a crack-free coating that protects the surface for many years.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Paint for Concrete Pool Deck

Just like other products, you don’t just buy the first product you see online or in the store. There are factors that you need to consider before you decide.

Types of Paint

The three major types of paints for concrete pool deck are as follow:

Oil Deck Paint

This type of concrete pool deck has a super-strong bond on the surface you applied it, and therefore it will last for years. Oil deck paint is composed of oil and minerals, which produce a waterproof layer that prevents those elements from penetrating. The only negative characteristic of this product is that it takes longer to dry. It is a good pick but not highly recommended.

Alkyd Deck Paint

If you want an alternative to oil paint, the alkyd deck paint is a perfect choice not just because it is affordable, but also it is weather resistant. The product contains oil, glycerin, resin, and light refraction of granite and sand. It is best for weatherproof and robust deck painting.

Water-Based Deck Paint

When it comes to concrete pool deck painting, this is the most prominent choice. It is very durable and provides a high-quality result. The product is VOC-friendly and is available in rubber latex or acrylic.

  • Acrylic paints provide excellent coverage in every gallon and produce weatherproof surfaces that keep the deck surface protected from damage.
  • Latex paint, on the other hand, is much safer to use. It also protects the deck from harsh elements.


Some pool deck paints only come in one color. If you choose this kind of paint, then you do not have a choice. However, some are available in different colors, so you have an option to decide which one will look best on your pool deck. So if you think color matters, then find one that with multiple options.

Types of Deck Surface

If you can find a pool deck paint that will work on any surface, the better. However, if you prefer a particular and it is not compatible with the type deck you have, then you need to find another brand. Finding the right type of paint for your deck surface may save you some money as you will require less coating.

Deck Condition

Painting the pool deck can help cover the flaws and damage without the need to repair them. So you need to keep this in mind when choosing the right product for your pool deck. In case your pool deck has several splinters and is quite weathered, it is best to get a thicker paint that can fill the gaps and cracks. But for a smooth surface, you can get something else.


How the paint will look after you have applied is also important. Keep in mind that these products are available in different finishes and textures like glossy, speckled, and low-luster.


The products reviewed here are all durable, not just based on my experience but also according to others who have used them. It is best to choose a paint that can hold up longer, so you don’t have to spend on the coating again and again.

Final Thoughts

Pool decks are not just for sunbathing area. It is part of the pool and should be maintained well to provide a great swimming experience. After reviewing our top 8 paint, I find the Patio and Deck Paint by In The Swim as the best paint for the concrete pool deck. The brand is known for premium quality paints, and it stands out because of this fast-drying formula and comprehensive coverage. The product can also help fill the gaps and cracks. This brand is best for a concrete pool deck.

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