7 Pool Deck Paint Ideas

By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 7, 2022

Pool decks are meant for relaxation, before and after pool water swimming experience. As a pool care subscriber, you’d have your pool deck as embracing as the flourishing blue water it surrounds. The peculiarity for color and texture in appearance when choosing a deck paint is not so uncommon. In this pool deck paint ideas article, you are exposed to a range of selective advantages. Ideas are brought to you to help you identify the hurdles to overcome when choosing a matching deck paint. For example, concrete decks require different paint than you’d use on side-wall or dry ground. Exposure to sun and heat can cause the paint to fade and fail prematurely. And it is also important to deal with safety concerns for tender bare feet.

Some Common Pool Deck Paints

Do you need to use a hint on the best style for how you should paint your pool deck? Then, you need information on a list of the best concrete pool deck paint. Check the grades of paints and their uses.

  1. Aqueous Acrylic Paints (Premium)
  2. Total-Boat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paint
  3. Best for Wooden Decks: Kilz Over ArmorviTextured Wood Coating
  4.  Best for Concrete Decks: INSL-X Sure Step
  5. Acrylic Deck Paints
  6. Epoxy Pool Paints
  7. Anti-Slip Coating

Each of these paints has its characteristic features; texture, chemical content, quality, integrated for special effects. These effects are adapted to every pool deck construction.

What is the nature of your pool deck floor?

Molded concrete has been the common style of material for pool decking for decades. It’s been found to be durable and water-resistant. When furnished with a polished surface, poured concrete permits, barefooted swimmers, to walk without the caution of slipping.

Concrete decks made with precast blocks

Precast blocks are famous for building decks. Is your pool deck made of precast concrete bricks? Here are some tips you can use when considering painting your pool deck.


  • Your pool is in usual use and at the yard where patio shares the floor with deck evenly? Then, having a ring-shaped band of painting with i), from the above-listed paints around the pool is cool.
  • Paint product around deck should have a different texture from the entire patio
  • Leave a striped band with a plain color of floor painting around the pool

On the other hand, if you rather have a coarse deck texture made of cobblestones, you should consider the following;


  • Having a rough inconsistent deck surface? You can try the Liquid Rubber Deck Coating. Liquid Rubber Deck Coating is a likely suitable pool for rough pool deck surfaces. It’s an example of vii) from the above list of pool deck paints that maintains an even fitting on the coarse deck.
  • Also, stones are known to become slimy and slippery. Rubber deck coating will also give you a hard, water-protective, non-skid surface to this rescue. One of the pretty good things about this paint is that it has enough UV-light stability. This means that it won’t be less bright or brilliant when exposed to the sun. It doesn’t wear out easily from the frictional effect.

Tiled blocks pool deck

Some concrete decks are made with notches designed to give a frictional hold. Some other precast blocks are arranged with an interlocking in concrete decks. They are found in most commercial pool centers and are usually are 12 inches square and 8 to 12 inches high.


  • Some pool tiles are prone to wear and tear, a usual and affordable solution is coat-painting the tiles. Epoxy is a recommended type of paintwork on pool tiles. Epoxy has the tough and retentive quality of paint that lasts the longest. It can be used on newly constructed pools as well as older pools that have been painted with epoxy paint before. It stands up to UV light, pool cleaners, and chemicals. Grooming the pool is vital to any promising paint job.

Painting Wooden decks

A wooden deck is sometimes preferably left with no paint other than wood lacquer. Lacquer is a good finish for floorboards. But, a little more paint design to a wooden pool or spa decks attracts more use. There are spaces between the deck boards that allow water to run through to the lower areas. This may need to be prevented with board rubber paint coatings. This is needed especially when the underdeck drainage system beneath the floor beams needs repair. Also, bugs might find the avenue with ordinary woods. Bugs will gain entry from below through those same spaces between deck boards. They can infest the pool water or even damage the woods.


  • These problems can be solved. A lasting solution is an adhesive screening and finishes e.g polyurethane topcoat for a wooden floor on top of the decking. Some of the acrylic paint solutions that have been used are not worthy. They invariably end up with moisture, mildew, and dirt-collection issues, which in turn lead to more required pool deck maintenance.

What to look out for

Dirt/Stain- Most widely commercial pool decks are prone to dirt, from persistent pool use. Leaving some pool decks with dirt over time gets it unavoidably stained and effaced. But with perfect blemish-free paints e.g. Premium Acrylic Deck Paints, paint color can be preserved no matter the level of stain. An easy clean with this non-stain-adsorbent paint among others are affordable.

When painting:

  • Before painting the pool deck, take out all of the debris, leaves, and twigs.
  • If you’re repainting, scrape off the old paint from the tiles with a paint scraper- Use the power washer to remove stubborn flakes.
  • Cracks in pool decks can be liable to water retention and overall paint damage. Caulking the cracks and allowing to dry completely before repairing paint is ideal
  • You may scour the dry deck with an acid wash if you can afford to do that.
  • Cleaning the pool deck with trisodium phosphate is a proponent of paint adhesion.
  • Before using any paint of choice, unless it foams, mix the paint thoroughly. Mixing with an electric drill and paddle mixer does the job better.
  • Paint with the roller. Start with the edges around the pool basin and work toward the outer end.
  • Disuse pool for a while so that the paint can stay properly.


Watching your pool being taken away by non-gracious fading is undesirable. Bad paints and bad painting attempts do not afford an attractive pool appearance. The best pool deck paint idea to use when the painting is to find out the material of the deck. Knowing this, you get to know the best paint chemical that works with the material. Even under harsh conditions such as traction, stain, light, pool chlorine, good deck paints last longer. Make the right choice today and give your pool an ever-fantastic incredible deck surrounding.

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