How to Install a Nicheless Pool Light

By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 7, 2022

Lighting adds life to any pool or spa. As much as light is good for your pool, placing light in good positions plays a significant role. Pool users feel secure ascertaining the maximum beauty and safety of your pool. Adherence to some industry techniques will fetch you the optimum lighting experience for your pool and spa customers. Nicheless pool lights perform perfectly well in a wet niche. They do not require the added engineering features such as steel, or mica that is typical of niche lights. Some nicheless LEDs give off colors. This article will reveal to you how to install a nicheless pool light.

How to Install a Nicheless Pool Light

Steps To Install Nicheless Pool Light

Installing standard and nicheless pool lights can be done with quick and easy steps. Some pools lack a lighting niche. Low wattage LEDs and fiber optic lighting are quite appropriate for such. Fiber optic light has connecting strands that can be run along with the pool. Lights can also be in small cups. Cups can be wall-mounted more easily than a 12-inch-large regular pool light wall niche.

Step 1- Orienting

Here are things to consider when placing the lights at glancing angles;

  • The lights are better when closer to the water level. Though the light is immersed in the pool. Any surface or bottom imperfectness becomes less glaring. Also, more lights can be used in spacing to achieve a brighter and more evenly lit pool.
  • Position light glance. Place the lights beam so that they all glance away from the house. If the pool runs at a right-angle to the house, place lights on either side of the pool.
  • If the pool is parallel to the home, the lights are better on the house side. Facing the lights away is proper. It won’t have the homeowner and guests staring directly into the directed beams of light.
  • Introduce multiple lights along the side of the pool, not facing the house. This helps to obtain an even distribution of light throughout the pool.

Step 2- Placement

With a little concern for how deep and how far apart should your lights be;

  • When installing a pool with nicheless pool lights, the ground rule is to demarcate by 8 feet. The division may be rounded to the nearest whole number. For example; for a 30ft long pool. Since 30 ÷ 8 = 3.75, then place 4 lights in the pool at even distances apart.
  • Span the lights over the depths of the pool, and shallow ends. Lights should be placed at 9–12 inches below the water. This makes all pool lights to be even on the wall. Lights in sun shelves (Baja benches) are suitably positioned at 4 inches below the water level. Lights in spas are placed suitably below the bench or planted in the footwell.
  • For Lap pools, always light lap pools by placing all lights on the long wall and facing away from the house.
  • In curved pools, try to eliminate dark or blind spots in areas with shadow cast caused by pool design. It is to install lower wattage lights than fewer higher wattage lights. Adding more lights helps create an even glow.

If you have a bench that runs along the length of the pool, install a light 6” below the bench. This is to reduce shadows.

You should ensure that all lights are on the same on/off the circuit. If you are using harmoniously integrated lights, this is very important.

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Step 3- For Precaution

  • Ensure that you light the safety areas (the chute steps, pool entrance, and exit).

Step 4- Application

  • For sports and fitness use: lap pools are usually lit from the length sideways so pool users don’t swim into the light’s beam.
  • And For household use: it is ideal to light all safety areas such as pool steps, entryways, and exits.
  • For decorating: keep lights squarely with the wall of the pool in a conduit inlet fitting that is 1½ inches in diameter. Some white-only nicheless lights have to diminish for customized brightness.

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Step 5- Pool Ambience

Light up the surrounding of your pool to appreciate the lighting better. Are your pool decking concrete and do you need how to install a nicheless pool light? You can inch some nicheless pool lights into it. Drills of 5-inch into concrete cores out of that decking can be used to install the light fixtures. It’s a tricky job and you just have to employ experts. Hanging lights on surrounding trees can be quite spiky too.


Paying attention to the details, you will appreciate nicheless pool lights. Installing Nicheless LED underwater in your pool and spa lights can be exotic. Features like the RGBW technology for more radiant color can put your pool in a novel ambiance anytime.

LED Pool lights deliver up to 25% wider beam spread to brighten out-of-bound corners. There are white-only models with lights that come in a variety of outputs and sizes for luminous flexibility. A smaller lens size also allows for more lights to be installed without affecting the aesthetic of the pool. It creates an even lighting effect while reducing dark spots. Some nicheless pool lights are dimmable and controllable with operating links on your android devices or remote controls. This has been made to help you control your lights anytime and anywhere.


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