How to Clean Intex Pool Filter

By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 8, 2022

Your pool filter is one of the most significant purchases you can make for your Intex swimming pool. Maintaining your filter’s cleanliness ensures that it is performing efficiently and filtering out dirt and other fragments in your water. This also ensures that your pool is open and ready for swimming anytime and for a longer period. This how to clean Intex pool filter guide will make weekly filter maintenance easy and helps keep the pool clean and usable any time.

How Do You Clean Intex Pool Filter

The Intex pool pump employs a filter cartridge, which must be cleaned weekly or daily, depending on how often you use the pool in a week. As the water filters from the pool to the pump and back to the pool, the filter cartridge cleans it and catches dirt. When the accordion-style filter becomes clogged, the pump struggles to pump the water. When cleaning does not work, you must clean and replace the filter.

What You Need:

  • 5-gallon bucket or bigger
  • Filter cleaning tablets or cleaner
  • Hose
  • Pool filter cartridge cleaner attachment or spray nozzle

For Cleaning Solutions:

  • Muriatic acid
  • Pool chlorine
  • White vinegar

Step #1 Turn off the Pool Pump

Turn the Intex pool pump off. Disconnect the top hose’s strainer grid, which transports water from the pool to the filter, and the bottom hose’s intake nozzle returns water to the pool.

Step#2 Remove the Pump Cover

To remove the cover from the pump, turn the threaded collar on the pump counterclockwise. Remove the cover seal, which resembles a large O-ring, with care.

Step #3 Remove the Filter Cartridge

To remove the filter cartridge from the pump housing, pull it up.

Step #4 Clean the Filter

Spray the filter with a garden hose fitted with a spray nozzle to remove the debris. Replace the filter if it is no longer catching debris or if it appears worn.

Step #5 Soak the Filter (For Extremely Dirty Filter)

If your filter is extremely dirty, a simple spray down will not be sufficient to remove all of the dirt, grime, and gunk from it. In a case like this, you’ll need to hire a cleaning service. Pool filter cleaning can be accomplished through the use of several different soaks. Each one operates in a slightly different manner. When soaking in pool chemicals such as chlorine or acid, it is essential to remember to wear gloves, a mask, and goggles to protect your eyes.

Pool Cleaner Soak

To create a pool filter cartridge solution, read and follow the directions on the cleaner package.

  • Fill the bucket halfway with the solution and secure the lid with a tight-fitting lid.
  • If you have a pool with multiple filters, most large buckets can accommodate more than one filter.
  • If there are any bacteria or microorganisms trapped inside the filter, the soaking solution will eliminate them.
  • Allow the filter to soak in the solution for the amount of time specified on the package.

Chlorine Soak

To get the best results from a chlorine soak for your pool filter, you must make sure that you use pool chlorine rather than cleaning chlorine. Each of these cleaners has a different level of effectiveness.

  • When it comes to mixing the chlorine soak, follow the directions on the container.
  • Too much chlorine can cause filter corrosion, so you have to follow the instructions carefully.
  • Place the filter in the bucket and secure it with a cap.
  • Allow the cartridges to soak in the mixture for approximately 6-12 hours before using.

White Vinegar

Using white vinegar to soak your pool filter cartridge may be a good idea if you have a lot of calcium buildup on your filter cartridge. When using white vinegar, the solution will depend on the calcium buildup – for heavy calcium, use straight white vinegar soak, and use 1:1 white vinegar for moderate calcium.

  • Fill the bucket halfway with white vinegar.
  • Place your pool filter cartridge in the bucket.
  • Cover the bucket and set it aside for a day or two.

Muriatic Acid

Using muriatic acid to clean your cartridges can be extremely effective if your cartridges are completely covered in gunk and minerals.

  • 1 part muriatic acid to 20 parts water: this is the mixture to make.
  • Place the pool cartridge into the mixture.
  • Allow it to soak for a total of ten minutes.
  • If it couldn’t completely cover the cartridge, flip it over and soak for another 10 minutes.

Step #6 Final Rinse

Give them a good rinse after soaking your filters in the cleaners for the recommended amount of time.

  • Agitate the filter in the bucket while the lids are on.
  • Remove the filter carefully.
  • Spray all broken-down dirt and algae off the filter with the garden hose sprayer or filter cleaner attachment.
  • If any gunk remains stuck to the filter, you may want to soak it again in your preferred mixture.

Step #7 Allow the Filter to Dry

Allow your filter to dry before reinstalling it in the pool. Let the filter pleats dry completely by hanging it on a line or leaving it on a porch. After it has dried, give it a good shake to see if any remaining dirt or debris has come out.

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Step #8 Replacing the Cleaned Filter

Replacing the clean or new filter in the pump housing is simple, place the cover seal on the housing and tighten it down. Place the threaded cover on top of the housing and tighten with a clockwise rotation.

Step #9 Release Trapped Air from the Pump

To release trapped air from the inside of the pump, open the air release valve located on the top of the cover. Wait for the hissing to stop before continuing. Close the air valve release to stop the airflow, then inspect and replace the inlet nozzle on the bottom hose and the strainer grid on the top hose, as necessary. Start the pump by pressing the button.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

How often to clean Intex filter?

There is no simple answer when it comes to how frequently you should clean your pool filter cartridge. With normal use, however, you should expect to clean it every three months. If your filter isn’t working as well as it should, you should think about cleaning it.

How do you clean and reuse an Intex filter?

To clean a swimming pool filter, the first thing you need to do is to remove it. Then rinse it with a hose, and air-dry it. For a filthy Intex filter, you need to submerge it in your chosen solution. In a large bucket, make a solution of 1 part pool chlorinator to 6 parts water, submerge the filter in the solution, and soak it for 3 to 5 days.

Can you use vinegar to clean the pool filter?

Yes, white vinegar is usually used in cleaning pool filters. Follow this concentration. It is critical to add at least 1/2 gallon of vinegar. If you want a 50 percent concentration, you may need to use more than a half-gallon of vinegar. The filter must be soaked for three hours. It’s best if you can leave it overnight if you haven’t cleaned it in a while.


If you’ve never cleaned a cartridge pool filter before, it can be not easy. But with our Intex pool filter clean guide, you will not go wrong. In effectively cleaning the filter, make sure you use the right solution. Also, do not forget to use protective gear so as not to injure your skin or eyes. If you have questions or want to share your thoughts, feel free to comment below.

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