Best Pool Water Test Kit

By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 8, 2022

Keeping your pool water clean and safe is an essential thing that you can do as a pool owner. You need to equip yourself with the best pool test strips in order to do this. The problem is, there are lots of them to choose from. It may take you days or weeks to find what you need.

We know how difficult it is to find an accurate testing kit, so we have written this guide to help you. You don’t need a professional to do the testing. With the right testing kit, you can check the water yourself, and it will only take you half an hour or less. We have picked 8 of the best pool chemical test kit that you can consider buying.

3 Best Pool Water Test Kit Comparison

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  • Brand Name: LaMotte
  • Color: Multicolor
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  • Brand Name : Taylor
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 6 x 4 in
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8 Best Pool Test Kit in 2022

1. LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro

LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit

This is an exceptional pool water testing kit. One of its best features is its photometer that provides digital results. This digital testing kit includes water-resistant housing and also a carrying case. The case will help you organized the kit.

LaMotte Pro 7 will test total chlorine, free chlorine total chlorine, alkalinity calcium, cyanuric acid, chlorine bromine, calcium hardness, and pH. The readings it provides will indicate if the pool is clean and safe for you to swim. It has a sleek design and is easy to use.

Some testing kits require you to compare the color on a strip to its accompanying chart—the strips you need to compare change color depending on the levels of a pool chemical in the pool water.

You need to match the color, shade for the shade you can see on the color chart to know the levels of the chemicals. It is hard to distinguish on the chart the difference between 0.6 and 1.0 chlorine levels. And also the difference between 7.2 and 7.6 pH. It is quite impossible even if you have a 20/20 vision. With LaMotte, you will read the results in digital numbers using its photometer.

The kit is easy to use, just fill the vials with pool water, and then add five drops of the reagent depending on what pool chemicals you want to test. Place the vial into the tester and then click the hit button. LaMotte will give you a digital readout.


  • Easy to use with carrying case
  • Complete test kit with all chemical tests included
  • You can easily get the results in a digital display


  • It is quite expensive

2. Taylor INC K-2006


This one will best salt water pool testing kit. One of the hardest tasks of having a swimming pool is to keep the pool water safe and clean. Thanks to the many testing kits available in the market, keeping the pool water at its right chemistry is easy nowadays. Taylor INC K-2006 testing kit is one of the most reliable kits in the industry today. This kit can test for the pool water alkalinity, cyanuric acid, chlorine, pH, calcium hardness, acid, and base.

The kit includes a heavy-duty case. Also, each solution is placed on a 0.75-ounce container. Also, the kits have a waterproof copy of pool and spa water guidelines. This will guide you through on how to do the testing process accurately.

You don’t have to deal with color matching problems with this kit. These tests use titrations, and the result is very accurate. Also, users find the DPD powder included in the K-2006 is more accurate than the liquid reagents in K-2005.

Although this testing kit is a bit expensive than other brands, and it may seem complicated for new users, you will appreciate its ease of use and the accuracy it provides. Furthermore, the kit has FASDPD bromine testing kit to help you differentiate the total chlorine and the free chlorine.


  • It is recommended for saltwater pool
  • Easy to use and quite accurate
  • With FASDPD bromine testing kit


  • New users may find it a bit complicated as compared to other testing kits

3. LaMotte ColorQ Pro 11

LaMotte 2058 ColorQ Pro 11 Digital Liquid Pool & Spa Chemical Water Testing Kit

The LaMotte ColorQ Pro 11 testing kit has changed the way the pool water is tested. It provides clear and accurate results because it has a photometer. The kits are enclosed in a water-resistant box that is easy to manage and store.

The testing kit can carry out as many as 11 pool tests and get results in an instant on your digital screen. Testing total chlorine, bromine ph alkalinity, cyanuric acid, pH, free chlorine, and bromine. As compared to other testing kits, it is capable of testing iron, biguanide, and copper.

The kit includes liquid and tablets testing reagents to deal with the task with better accuracy. No need to deal with color matching that eliminates the guesswork and provides accurate results. It could be a bit costly, but it is worth your money.

With only five drops of the reagent, you can get the results you need. It applies the latest technology and easy push-button control to provide the best and simplest time when utilizing it. Most testing kits are time-consuming, and it depends on the concentration, these testing kits may only provide accurate results on chemicals like pH, chlorine, and sometimes on other pool chemicals like alkalinity and cyanuric acid.


  • No need to compare it on the charts
  • Five drops are enough to provide an accurate result
  • Water-resistant housing


  • Quite expensive as compared to others

4. Blue Devil 5-Way

Blue Devil 5-Way OTO Swimming Pool Test Kit- ChlorineBromine, pH, Alkalinity and Acid Demand, Includes Easy to Read Vials

Blue Devil 5-Way Testing Kit can test bromine, Acid demand, alkalinity level, chlorine, and pH of the pool. Using this testing kit is easy since it has an easy-to-read chart and testing vials. The kit has compact storage since the supplies are kept in a durable polyethylene storage case.

A testing kit can be used to test the chemical levels of your pool within a year. The instructions are easy to follow, so you don’t have to guess the results. It has an Omni stain and scale control that gets rid of the staining and the build-up of scales that could cause a lot of dissolved metals. This also prevents staining from copper, iron, and manganese, which helps prevent serious damage to the kit.

The results are fast and quite accurate, and one can buy dropper bottles separately in case you run out. It is quite affordable. For those with a bigger swimming area, the Blue Devil 5-Way Pool Testing Kit is very helpful in keeping the pool water in the right chemistry. In case you encounter any problem with your water chemical level. This testing kit will help you test 8 chemicals fast and easy.

The carrying case will keep everything organized. Also included in the package are easy-to-understand instructions. The kit is designed to do multiple testing.


  • Easy to readouts comparison chart
  • 8 test reagents included
  • Designed to do multiple testing


  • The color of the dye may fade at some time

5. Poolmaster (22270) Premiere Collection

Poolmaster Water Chemistry Case (22270) Premiere Collection 5-Way Swimming Pool & Spa Test Kit, Small, Neutral

If you are looking for a traditional pool water testing kit, the Poolmaster 22270 kit is a good option. This is a five-way testing kit that can test for bromine, total alkalinity, chlorine, pH, and acid demand. Reading the result of this testing kit is quite easy to read and has lots of test solutions that can last for some time. The testing kit is worth your money because it is easy to use.

Poolmaster is a brand known in the industry that can test the level of chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, and acid demand of the water pool. Also included in the package is a convenient carrying case to keep everything organized. This testing kit involves the color matching of the strips to the indicator panels and instructions on how to make deciphering the results easy.

The testing kit can help you keep the water clean, safe, and comfortable to swim with. Maintaining the right chemical balance of your pool is simple. It has a rounded, clear-view test block with conveniently colored caps so you can match the solution caps easily. This makes reading the results simple.


  • Affordable testing kit
  • Easy to use that provides quick results
  • It includes a polyethylene case to organize everything you need


  • Does not check for calcium hardness or cyanuric acid

6. Taylor Technologies Pool Testing Kit K-2005

Taylor K2005 Professional Complete Test Kit for Chlorine DPD

The Taylor Technologies K-2005 Testing kits are quite different as compared to the K-2006 model. It is known as a high range kit, which means it is developed for experts who test public pools regularly. It only means that this is designed to provide a more precise comparison in regularly tested water. In short, you can use it in your pool at home.

This testing kit is a bit thorough and more involved, so the learning curve is quite higher. It can test bromine, acid demand, total alkalinity, cyanuric acid, chlorine, and calcium hardness. Taylor Technologies K-2005 can keep your pool water safe and clean, as it is known to provide accurate testing.

Most public pool operators, as well as service technicians, utilize printed color standards to accurately check the chemistry of the pool water. This testing kit can do nine tests, which makes it better as compared to other available kits in the market.

The good thing about this testing kit is that the chemicals remain usable even after a year. It does not have any expiration date, but if you need to use the chemical, you can get a refill.


  • You can perform nine tests
  • Recommended for a pool that requires frequent testing
  • Easy to use and provide an accurate result


  • It cannot test for copper or iron

7. Poolmaster Essential Collection Chemistry Case (22260)

Poolmaster 22260 Essential Collection Chemistry Set, 5-Way Swimming Pool and Spa Water Test Kit, Small, Multi

The Poolmaster 22260 Chemistry Case works great in providing everything you need to maintain a safer and cleaner pool. It is known as one of the best home pool testing kits that enables you to conduct tests for chlorine, total alkalinity, bromine, acid demand, and pH.

One thing that sets it apart from the other kits is its clear-view round test block, which is complete with color chips. With the added chips, it is easier to get precise information when matching the colors.

It has a polyethylene case to help organize everything and keep the chemicals protected. The instructions on using the kit are simple. You may still become more confused between #2 Phenol Red and Phenol Red.

Most of the pool owners choose this testing kit because it is very affordable than others. If you think it is not as accurate as the expensive one, you are wrong. It can still provide an accurate reading to help keep the pool water clean and safe. The kit provides easy-to-read results.

It is worth trying the Poolmaster 22260 as the package is complete and provides effective performance. This testing kit is the #1 solution sealed to comply with the regulations in transporting. There are no other solutions in this kit that require sealed caps. The color of the testing kit case comes in either blue or black color with the same content.


  • This is a simple kit that provides fast and accurate results
  • The testing kit is very affordable
  • It provides an easy to read results


  • The charts are not waterproof

8. Taylor K1001 Basic Residential

Taylor K1001 Basic Residential DPD Pool or Spa Test Kit

One of the best water hardness testing kit. The Taylor K1001 is yet another affordable model pool water test strips for a new pool owner who wants to keep the pool water safe. It can test the pool water bromine, pH, and free chlorine. In case you need to test calcium hardness, alkalinity, or cyanuric acid, you are required to get a more advanced set.

This testing kit has a hardshell case, and the chart where you will compare the result is easy to read. If you are not aware of what to do once you get the pool test results, this testing kit will help you by using the diagnostic card included in the package. The card can help get your pool levels back to where they should be.

Just like other Taylor testing kits, the K1001 has a good quality reagent. Aside from this Basic test kit, you can also use its Trouble-Shooter and i-Care models. You can use the basic model in the residential series – the solid blue, injection-molded plastic kit is quite durable and can be refilled every other season. The tabs on each case can make it easy for them to hang from the hooks.

The Residential Series has 0.75 oz color-coded reagents. Sanitizer values for both bromine and chlorine testing. It has five sets of printed-color standards in plastic for longer shelf life. Molded fill lines to make sure it has the right sample size.


  • It has a small or easy to carry and hardshell case
  • Easy and simple to use
  • The test kit is quite affordable


  • Cannot test all the testing you need

What are the Different Types of Best Swimming Pool Test Kits?

Before you storm the market and look for the testing kits, it is best to know first the different types of pool water testing kits available.

Test Strips

The best hot tub test strips are the most commonly used testing kits by pool owners. One reason is that it is quite affordable. However, they do not assure you of giving 100% accuracy. But, you can still find some that could provide good test strip water testing strips. You can find kits with high efficiency and accuracy. This type of testing kit is best for initial screening or checking out the water pH and hardness.

Strips are made of a certain material when chemically treated, they exhibit and react a certain color change, which confirms the presence or absence of particular contaminants. To evaluate the result, you need to match the test strip result on a color chart to determine the specific contaminant.


The process is a bit complex as compared to test strips. This type of test kit evaluates the water properties that change when there are various contaminants in the water. The tester shows the quantities in digits, reducing the possible errors.

But sad to say, digital testers are not accurate in all water chemical tests. Also, TDS or total dissolved solid tests are not conclusive since they do not test lead and microbial, which are the popular pool water contaminants.

Lab Test Kits

If you are after the smallest amounts of contaminants present in the pool water, the lab test kits are the best option. These kits have vials where you need to fill with pool water and send to the laboratories. Although these tests are very accurate, the results may take days to come out.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Best Electronic Pool Water Tester

You don’t just buy the first kit you find in the store and online. There are factors that you need to consider before buying a pool water testing kit.


If you search online, you will be overwhelmed with the results you will get. Make sure you choose a reliable brand. Cheap products may not provide an accurate result. You should read reviews or any information about some brands before deciding.

Water Source

There are various types of water testing kits. Manufacturers have designed test kits to check on municipal water while some are for well water. If you are using water from the well, some of the contaminants, you need to test include lead, arsenic, nitrate, bacteria, fluoride iron, manganese, and others. No need to test for chlorine unless you have done some disinfection.

For pool owners who use municipal water, you need to test it for chlorine, fluoride, and lead. Testing for bacteria is not urgent unless there are gastrointestinal complications lately.

Self-Test or Lab-Test

If you prefer a self-test, then choose a home pool water testing kit. But, for those who prefer a professional to handle the test, then choose the lab pool testing kits.

Type of Tests

In buying a pool water test kit, you should pick the type that is made to test the possible contaminants present in your pool water. Some can test for heavy metals only while others for water hardness only or pH. But for comprehensive testing of the pool water, it is best to have the experts test it in the lab.


Some brands may promise reliable and accurate results, and only independent tests can make a confirmation on this. Look for water testing kits that are approved by the EPA as well as other trusted independent certifications.


Finding the pool water test kit should not be as hard as you think it is. You can buy a kit within any price range. Upon reviewing the eight best pool water test kits in the market, we find LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro as our top pick. The result it provides is very accurate and fast. It uses a photometer that digitally shows the results. Some may find this a bit expensive, but it is worth it.

If you have some questions or inquiries, feel free to share this post, or you can comment below.