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By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 8, 2022

Swimming in your own private, crystal-clear pool on a warm summer day is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, what if the water in your pool isn’t as crystal clear as you’d like it to be? Perhaps your pool’s water appears murky and cloudy after the season has begun, making it unappealing to swim in. The solution is to use the best pool clarifier, and you will have crystal clear water in your pool within a few hours. This is a common problem faced by most pool owners. The good news is pool clarifiers are a simple solution that you simply add to the water and watch it do its thing. After a few hours, your pool’s water will be crystal clear. To compare some of the best and most popular clarifiers on the market, we reviewed five top pool water clarifiers.

What is Pool Clarifier?

Adding a clarifier to your pool is an easy way to get rid of tiny particles and bacteria that are too small to be picked up by your filter. Microparticles are those that your filter or skimmer cannot pick up because they are too small.

Polymers in pool clarifiers act as coagulants to remove foreign particles from the water. When you add a clarifier to your pool, you’re introducing positively charged ions into the water, making it cleaner. Positive ions in your pool attract suspended particles with a negative charge, causing them to form clumps that can be removed by the pool’s filtration system, like tiny magnets.

Top 3 Recommendation

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  • Formula: Concentrated 1 fl oz: 5000 gal
  • Available Sizes: 32 fl oz
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  • Formula: Concentrated 1 fl oz: 5000 gal
  • Available Sizes: 64 fl oz
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  • Formula: Concentrated 1 fl oz: 5,000 gal
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What You Need to Know About Pool Clarifier

Summer time is almost there, and it is time to prepare your swimming pool to cool off. The worst thing you don’t want to see is murky pool water with cloudy water and algae. In the past, having cloudy swimming pool water and algae was the worst thing you would want to see in your pool good thing a pool clarifier was invented. You can have crystal clear water fast and easy.

Ask your pool retailer or manufacturer for a recommendation if you’re looking for a pool clarifier. There are several high-quality options available. Keep the following things in mind before purchasing the best pool clarifier.

Pool’s Requirements

The problem isn’t just cloudy water. If this is the case, you may have algae as well. Algae growth and sulfate concentrations are two other causes of murky water.


If you’re in a hurry to clear your cloudy pool water, a flocculant might be a better option than a clarifier.

Filtration System

Last but not least, choose a purifier that can run your pool filter for 8-12 hours every day as a final word of caution.

You should run your pool’s filtration system long enough to clean the water every day thoroughly. Water that is not being filtered builds up dirt and cloudiness when circulation isn’t working properly in your pool. Below are some of the things you need to know when buying the best pool clarifier:

How to Choose the Best Pool Clarifier?

Start by asking your local pool retailer or the manufacturer of your swimming pool for a recommendation when you’re looking to buy a clarifier. There is a slew of reputable companies to pick from, and each one will do the job.

Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to buy:

  • Specific problems with your pool. Is it just cloudy water that you are dealing with? You may have algae, as well. Sulfur levels and algae growth can also cause cloudy water.
  • Consider using a flocculant instead of a pool clarifier when you want things to happen if you have less than 24 hours to treat your cloudy pool water because some clarifiers take longer to work than flocculants.

Why Your Pool Might Be Cloudy?

Besides having bacteria and dirt, there are other reasons why your pool might be cloudy.

The Temperature. Pollutants are often found in pools that are overflowing with rain, leaving behind traces of film or beaten down leaves.

Chemical overload. As a result, you must monitor the pH of your pool regularly. A pool chemical overdose can be just as harmful as a pool chemical underdose. A Clogged Filter. The problem could also be a faulty filter (sand, DE, or cartridge) that isn’t being properly maintained. Is it doing what it’s supposed to be doing?

Flocculant vs Clarifier

Clearing cloudy pool water can usually be accomplished using a flocculant or a clarifier if you’ve done any research on the subject. However, the two products differ in the way they deal with the large, manageable clumps of tiny particles:

The use of a clarifier will result in bundles of clarifiers floating on top of the water and passing through the filtration system. In contrast, flocculants cause the bundles to sink and require a vacuum to remove them from the bottom of the pool. Call a pool professional right away if your pool’s water is discolored or cloudy. To figure out what’s causing your pool’s cloudiness, have a water sample on hand.

What If Your Pool is Still Cloudy After Clarifying?

Using a clarifier or pool flocculant and then vacuuming your pool is necessary if the water is still cloudy despite all the chemicals being balanced. If that doesn’t work, you might want to give backwashing your filter a shot.

Top 5 Best Pool Clarifier in 2022

1. Robarb 20154A-04 Super Pool Clarifier

Robarb 20154A-04 Super Swimming Pool Clarifier, 1-Quart, Blue, 4-Pack

An all-purpose water clarifier, Robarb’s Super Blue Pool Clearer is an excellent choice. With Super Blue, customers can have crystal clear pool water without affecting pH or alkaline balances. It prevents haze formation by removing dirt particles and reducing sanitizer use by not clogging filters.

Thick Highly Concentrated Formulation

Pool water becomes crystal clear when treated with Robarb Super Blue Clarifier, which does not alter the pH level or affect any other chemicals in the water. To clear cloudy water in any type of pool or spa, this product uses a thick, highly concentrated formulation that does not require pre-shocking of the water.

Works Well With Other Sanitizing Agents

Super Blue is a sanitizing agent when combined with other disinfectants such as bromine, chlorine, ozone, and biguanide sanitizers can help clear cloudy water as rapidly and effectively as possible.

Won’t Pass Through the Filters

This pool clarifier can be used on types of filters. Pool clarifiers do not destroy particulate matter and colloidal, but they are gathered into larger and larger clumps until they cannot pass through your pool filter.


Bulk purchase is available.

When buying in bulk, the price per unit is lower.

It does not clog the filter.

Effective even if there are other chemicals present and in different temperatures.


You have to wait for 12 hours to take effect.

2. GLB 20155A Super Blue Pool Clarifier

GLB 20155A Super Blue Pool Clarifier, 1-Pack

This concentrated formula automatically clears cloudy water and prevents a future hazy appearance in your pool. Available in 64 fluid ounces of liquid gold for a surprisingly low price. After a treatment, you can go back to the pool. Whether you have an in-ground, above-ground, commercial, or residential pool, you can use this pool water clarifier to get rid of cloudy water. All filter types and sanitizing systems can be used with this clarifier.

A Dense and Highly Concentrated Blend

You don’t have to worry about the pH level or other chemicals in the water changing after using GLB Super Blue Clarifier. This product uses a thick, highly concentrated formulation to clear cloudy water in any type of pool or spa without pre-shocking water.

Compatible with Other Pool Agents

When combined with other disinfectants like chlorine, ozone, bromine, and biguanide sanitizers, the sanitizing agent Super Blue from GLB can clear cloudy water as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Works Well Even in Hot or Cold Weather       

Able to function effectively even in hot or cold weather. Contains a highly positive charge of ammonium chloride. Concentrations may vary between 10% to 40% and are effective for negatively charged particles.


Rapidly clears cloudy water and protects against cloudiness.

One ounce of Super Blue treats 5,000 gallons.

Easy to use.

Without annoying odor when added into water.


May tend to color the filter.

3. HTH 67023 Super Clarifier Pool Cleaner

HTH 67023 Super Clarifier Swimming Pool Cleaner, 32 fl oz

Products from HTH are designed to be both cost-effective and powerful enough to tackle the most challenging tasks. A wide range of products are available from HTH, including algaecides, non-chlorine shock treatments, deposit-control formulas, and a wide range of powerful surface cleaners and clarifiers.

Fast-Acting Formula

This formula works quickly and is highly concentrated. It enhances the filter’s efficiency, making it more effective at removing dead algae and other organic debris. You can apply the clarifier to the pool itself or the skimmer. The HTH Super Clarifier works wonderfully in all kinds of pools, including saltwater systems and all types of pool surfaces.

Compatible with Any Type of Pool

Excellent for all kinds of swimming pools, including saltwater systems and all pool surfaces. The chemicals that makeup clarifiers can vary, but their purpose is always the same: to produce a polymer, a chain of molecules made up of many single molecules linked together.

Does Not Affect the Pool’s pH Level

It does not affect the pH levels of the pool—the filter’s efficacy in removing dead algae and other organic debris increases. The formulation works quickly and is highly concentrated.


Compatible with all types of pools.

Easy to use and highly concentrated formula.

Great value for your money.

Effectively remove dead algae and organic debris.


You have to wait for 12 hours after treating the water before you can use the pool.

4. AquaPill 24002 Clarifier Plus

AquaPill 24002 Clarifier Plus for Swimming Pools, 2-Pack

Cloudiness in the water can be due to trace metals and very fine, suspended particles. Aqua Pill 2 can clear these up. The clarity in the water is restored, polished, and preserved with Aqua Pill 2. This product is a flocculent, which means that it binds together very small particles so that the filter can more easily capture them. Aqua Pill 2 is dosed out gradually into the filter system. It is subjected to mixing, flocculation, and filtration to remove the contaminants. Use every two weeks to keep your pool trouble-free.

All-in-One Formula

The 4-part AquaPill WinterPill all-in-one formula makes spring openings faster and easier. It has a clarifier to keep the water clear, a stain inhibitor to keep iron, copper, and manganese stains from happening, and a scale inhibitor to keep the scale from building up on surfaces.

Flocculent Pill

Aqua Pill 2 eliminates trace metals and microscopic particles that make the water cloudy. Aqua Pill 2 cleans, restores, and keeps the water clear. This product is a flocculent, which holds small particles together so the filter can catch them. Aqua Pill 2 is slowly put into the filter system, where it is taken out by mixing, clumping, and filtration. Use every two weeks to keep your pool trouble-free.

Use in Treating Pools and Spas

The Aqua Pill product line is well-known for the unique capsule mechanism that it employs to deliver water treatment chemicals to swimming pools and spas.


The pill can last longer.

Easy to use.

Clears up the water and keeps it clear.

Gets rid of cloudy water effectively.


A bit expensive than the others.

5. In The Swim Swimming Pool Super Clarifier

In The Swim Super Clarifier 2 x 12 Gal F061001002AE

In The Swim Super Clarifier clumps together tiny particles and oils so that your pool filter can work better. In other words, it groups particles together so that your filter can get rid of them more easily. Use this professional-strength Super Clarifier once a week, and you’ll have a pool that sparkles and looks cleaner.

Compatible with Sand and Cartridge Filters

Super Clarifier is recommended not to be utilized in DE filters due to its superior performance in sand and cartridge filters. The recommended starting dose is 4 ounces per 10,000 gallons and the dosage for each week is 2 ounces per 10,000 gallons.

PolyDADMAC Pool Clarifier

The term “PolyDADMAC” refers to an ammonium chloride with a very high positive charge density. It is the kind of pool clarifier chemical that is frequently sold and utilized. Different concentrations ranging from 10 to 40 percent are helpful for nearly all negatively charged colloidal particles.

Improves Filter Function and Efficiency

Your pool filter will have a greater ability to remove microscopic particles and oils when using In The Swim Super Clarifier because it coagulates these substances. In other words, it collects the particles into clusters, which makes it much simpler for your filter to remove them. If you want your pool to look cleaner and brighter, use this Super Clarifier that is strong enough for professionals every week.


Easy to use.

Highly concentrated formula.

Best used after algae treatment.

Balances and adjust pool water.


DE pool filters are NOT recommended for use with this product.


Pool clarifiers are available in a variety of forms. Despite the fact that they all have the same goal, each performs it differently. Because of this, we decided to conduct a thorough review of the top 5 best pool clarifiers in 2022 to identify the best clarifiers. We conducted product comparisons to assist us in narrowing down our shortlist.

Robarb’s Super Blue Pool Clearer is an all-purpose water clarifier. We considered it the best pool clarifier among the six products we reviewed. With Super Blue, customers can have crystal clear pool water without affecting pH or alkaline balances. It prevents the formation of haze by removing dirt particles and reducing sanitizer use by not clogging filters.

GLB 20155A Super Blue Pool Clarifier is our premium pick. This product uses a thick, highly concentrated formulation to clear cloudy water in any type of pool or spa. Works effectively even on hot or cold water, and all filter types and sanitizing systems can be used. Suppose you are looking for a clarifier that will fit your budget. In that case, you can consider buying the HTH 67023 Super Clarifier Pool Cleaner.

We hope this article will help you decide which clarifier is best for your pool water and filters. A swimming pool clarifier can make a difference in how your pool looks and feels, even if you have to do some work to keep the filters clean and the debris out of the way from time to time. It’s also worth noting that you may be saving your family from bacterial infections and illnesses!

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

How to use a pool clarifier?

Follow the three easy steps below in using a pool clarifier:       
·         Make sure the pH level of your pool is correct.
·         Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for how many clarifiers to use.
·         Until the water is crystal clear, keep the pool filter running nonstop.

When to use a clarifier?

It is not recommended to use a pool clarifier all season long. Instead, it is best to use it after an algae bloom, when the pool water is cloudy, or when the pool is just opening. Pools can be re-treated after 5-7 days, with a lower dosage than the initial one, following the label’s instructions.

Can you make a homemade clarifier?

Yes, you can, but it is not as effective as the pool clarifier you can buy on the market today. It’s called the “BBB Method,” and it uses baking soda, Borax, and bleach to stabilize your pool’s chemical composition.
To use it correctly, you’ll need a testing kit. Once you’ve checked the levels, you can raise the pH with Borax, the total alkalinity with baking soda, and the chlorine with bleach.

How long does it take for the pool clarifier to work?

Using a pool water clarifier can take anywhere from two to three days, depending on how cloudy your pool is. Your water needs to be balanced, and your water filter must be running constantly while the clarifier is working. And if you’ve got an algae problem, you’ll need to fix that first before using a clarifier in your water.

What Happens if I put too much clarifier in my pool?

Excessive pool clarifiers can result in cloudiness in your pool. Partially drain your pool and refill it with fresh water if this happens. Afterward, you can remove the remaining pool clarifier overload by filtering it out, but be careful, as too much clarifier can cause your filter to become clogged up.

Why Should You Use a Clarifier?

Despite the fact that swimming in a cloudy pool may seem like a no-brainer, it can be highly hazardous.
There are several good reasons to clean up your pool before your next pool party, depending on the source of the murkiness.
Avoid Water-Related Ailments: If the water in your pool is dirty, cloudy, or otherwise unclean, it could be hiding something hazardous. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cloudy pools are a breeding ground for E. Coli and Giardia bacteria, both of which can cause diarrhea, pink eye, ear infections, and respiratory infections.
The Health of the Environment and Its General Appearance: You and your family could be infected by mosquitoes (and other pests) that carry deadly diseases if the water is dirty or contaminated. It’s also worth noting that an unsightly, dingy green pool is a bad investment (or popularity in the neighborhood). 
Swimmer Protection: Because of the reduced visibility and murky water, swimming pool accidents and drownings are more likely. It’s terrifying to think about jumping into a watery grave and hitting someone who is swimming beneath the surface or, even worse, not being able to see someone who is in distress.

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