How to Use a Pool Vacuum

By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 7, 2022

One of the common problems of pool owners is the accumulated dirt and debris at the bottom. Using a pool vacuum head, a telescopic pole and a vacuum hose will solve this concern. You can perform the vacuuming by following the simple steps below.

Steps on Vacuuming the Pool

The steps below are for vacuuming the pool via the skimmer. Keep in mind the warnings and tips we have included in this guide to avoid any problems as you do the process.

Step#1 Connect the Vacuum Hose and Telescopic Pole to the Vacuum Head

The vacuum head has a cavity where you can connect a pole or other needed attachment. It also has a tubular opening intended to hold the hose from the head. The vacuum head is available in different shapes, from triangular to rectangular.

An extended telescopic pole can be screwed into different attachments. Attach the vacuum head in the pole and then push one end into the raised round opening.

Note: The hose should be long enough so you can walk around the pool perimeter and reach the surface area at the bottom of the pool.

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Step#2 Submerge the Vacuum Head to the Pool

Extend the pole before submerging it to the pool. So it is long enough to reach the bottom. Slowly push the vacuum head into the pool to reach the bottom.

Start vacuuming at the pool edge near the return jet. The jet will push the water back in the pool after getting filtered, to make it easier to reach using the hose.

Step#3 Fill the Hose With Water

Position the hose open end against the return jet so it will cover the stream of water. You will see the bubbles coming up from the vacuum head and when the bubble stop rising, remove the hose from the jet.

Note: Do not lift the open end while there are bubbles as the water will spill out of the hose.

Step#4 Get Take the Basket Out of the Pool

The skimmer is the one responsible for sucking and filtering the dirt and debris out of the water before it sinks to the bottom. Look for the intake for skimmer at the edge of the pool. Then remove the plastic cover from the pool deck and lift the basket. You will see the skimmer suction hole that you will need in vacuuming the pool.

Sep#5 Place the Hose in the Open Suction Hole

Keep your hand on the open end of the hose and keep it upwards so the water in the hose will remain in the hose as you lift it. Lower the hose where the skimmer basket is. Keep your hand on the opening until you have submerged it under the water. Then, put the opening of the hose in the suction hole.

It will continuously provide suction to the vacuum hose so you can vacuum the bottom of the pool using the vacuum head.

Step#6 Do the Vacuuming Start at the Shallow End to the Deep End

Start at the shallow end of the pool and then slowly go along the pool to end at the deep part of the water. You can extend the telescopic pole more while going to the deeper part. Also, you might need to change the length of your pole constantly.

Focus on the pool filter pressure gauge as you vacuum. If you notice that the pressure starts to rise, then it requires backwashing your filter to get rid of the debris that might be clogging it.

Step#7 Do the Vacuuming Using Slow, Sweeping Strokes

Do not move the water too much, so you will not stir up the debris and dirt into the water as you might not be able to vacuum it. Go slowly and steadily. Overlap your strokes so you will not miss anything.

If you disturb the debris, you will have to wait for an hour or two before it will settle down.

Step#8 Disconnect and Clean the Tools You Used

Detach the telescopic pole from the pool vacuum head and remove the hose off. Drain the water out of the hose by holding it vertically. Rinse the tools using fresh water from a garden hose and let them dry before putting them in the storage area.


If you follow the above steps in how to use a pool vacuum, you will have a smooth and efficient task. Keep your pool safe and clean for you and your family members, and the best way to do it is to clean it regularly.

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