How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water Fast

By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 7, 2022

Cloudy pool water is a common problem of most swimming pool owners. For those without any knowledge of how to fix cloudy pool water, they may find it hard to deal with. To deal with the issue, it is best to know first what causes the cloudiness of the water. After determining the causes, you can apply the proper solution.

When you are done reading this article. You will be able to see what is under your pool again and enable you to enjoy the water.

Reasons for Having a Cloudy Pool Water

There are reasons why your pool water becomes cloudy, and knowing the possible causes will not only help you in fixing it but also prevent the occurrence of it in the future. Below are some of the reasons why your pool water becomes cloudy.

Imbalanced Pool Chemicals

If one of the existing chemicals in your pool has a higher concentration or lower than recommended. It can make your pool water cloudy. So, it is best to always check your pool chemistry for total alkalinity, pH level, and chlorine level. Making sure that the chemicals are on the right levels or concentration can prevent such an issue.

Filtration and Circulation Problems

If your pool water is not circulated appropriately. This will surely cause the cloudiness of the water. The primary purpose of proper circulation is to push the water into the filter system. So, if it is not appropriately circulated, the filter will not be able to function well in keeping the water as clean and transparent as possible.

Having Too Much Calcium in the Water

The hardness of the pool water can influence its clarity or cloudiness. If the water is too hard, it means that the calcium content of the water is high. The calcium will not just make the pool cloudy – it can damage the pool filter and plumbing. Pool water without enough calcium can also cause a problem. If the water is too soft, the pool surfaces can wear down and may corrode easily. It shortens the swimming pool’s lifespan.


One of the common culprits of having cloudy pool water is the algae. Some algae are not hazardous to your health, but the ones found in the wild can pose a danger to the swimming pool. If the pool water has algae, the water becomes so full of debris, and it is hard to see the bottom of the water. This degree of cloudiness can cause a hazard as you won’t be able to see what has fallen on it or if a swimmer is struggling underneath.

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Methods on How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water

Now that you determine the potential causes of why your pool water is cloudy. It is now time to clear up your cloudy pool. You can do it by using one of the methods described below.

Using Pool Clarifier

A pool clarifier is a chemical with the primary function to clean the pool water, and it is proven to be very effective.  It works in a process known as coagulation. Don’t worry as it is not as complicated as it may sound.

If the accumulation of tiny particles causes the cloudy pool water, and the filter cannot solve the issue because of its size – coagulation is the best way to deal with it. The process clumps the small particles together, which makes it easier to remove.

Using Pool Flocculant

This process works similarly to the pool clarifier, where it clumps pesky particles together to make it easier to remove them. The only difference is that the flocculant doesn’t work with the filter. To remove the clumped particles, the flocculant attracts them underneath the pool, where they are removed by vacuuming.

Helping Your Filter

Just let the filter clean up the dirt. The filter works well, but there are some instances that it might not function well and requires help from time to time. An example of this is the pool’s skimmer, which functions well along with your pool filter in sucking the debris from the surface of your pool.

The problem with this is that the cloud particles will not float on the surface. If this is the case, you can suck it using the drains or stir it just like mixing a cup of tea.


Nobody likes to swim in a cloudy pool, so it is best to prevent it from occurring by knowing what it causes them. If you cannot prevent this from happening, the methods discussed above can help you solve the issue of a cloudy pool.

These methods are the simplest and the least costly ways to clear a cloudy pool, and likewise, prevent it from occurring again in the future. Make sure that the one you see in the water is the sky. To keep your pool healthy and clear, regular balancing and testing, skimming and vacuuming as well as filter maintenance and regular shocking are needed.

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