How to Replace a Pool Skimmer

By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 8, 2022

When it comes to keeping an above-ground pool in good shape, some activities must be completed on a daily basis, such as monitoring the pool chemical levels, while others must be completed only once in a while, such as replacing the skimmer. The regular maintenance activities become second nature and do not necessitate particular knowledge, however changing the pool skimmer requires some forethought. Replacing pool skimmers is not difficult, although it can be a little tricky.

What is a Pool Skimmer?

A pool skimmer is a device that sits on the side of your pool, at the water’s surface, and looks like a mouth sucking in water. It works by sucking in water and circulating it through a filtration system before returning the clean water to the pool. This aids with the removal of debris and impurities from your pool.

The amount a pool’s number of pool skimmers is determined on its size. Some pools have only one skimmer, whereas larger pools may have as many as five or six. A lid, weir, mouth, and basket are just a few of the essential components of a pool skimmer. Each component is critical in maintaining pool’s cleanliness and your skimmer functioning properly.

The mouth sucks in the water from the pool while the lid covers the basket and keeps larger debris out of the filtering system. The weir is the flap that keeps heavy debris out of the skimmer, and the basket is where the rubbish is collected. The skimmer basket is one of the most crucial parts of the skimmer because it prevents particles from blocking the filter in your pool.

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When Should a Pool Skimmer Be Replaced?

What are the signs that your skimmer needs to be replaced? It is not necessary to replace your skimmer on a regular basis; it is only done if there is a severe problem. Repair putty can be used to mend a leak in a skimmer’s throat (the section that links the skimmer mouth to the bucket). Repair putty can also be used to fix cracks in the bucket.

When the skimmer assembly itself is damaged, it is definitely important to replace it. This will necessitate draining the pool as well as the removal of the skimmer component. You’ll need a competent pool company to handle the replacement.

Steps on Replacing a Pool Skimmer

Below are the steps on replacing a pool skimmer:

Step #1 – Reduce Water Level

Reduce the pool’s water level to two inches below the skimmer’s level. This makes it easier to remove the old skimmer and replace it with the new one. It also keeps water out of the space between the pool liner and the pool wall.

Step #2 – Remove the Hose

Remove the hose from the old skimmer. Place the hose’s open end in the pool to catch any water that may come back from the filter.

Step #3 – Loosen the Screws

Remove the screws from the skimmer faceplate by loosening them. The faceplate is a beautiful cover that conceals the unsightly screws used to secure the skimmer to the pool wall. Remove the skimmer’s screws by loosening and removing them.

Step #4 – Fix the Faceplate

Fix the faceplate to the pool with screws in a few of the holes. It’s crucial to get the screws into the holes at the bottom of the faceplate as soon as possible. This is how you keep the pool liner from being pulled down by the water’s weight.

Do this as soon as the old skimmer is removed. The water’s weight begins to tug on the vinyl liner after only a few minutes. In the time it takes you to set down the old skimmer and align the new one, the water will have displaced the liner. Using screws to secure the liner in place in a few of the bottom screw holes is a good idea.

Step #5 – Align the New Skimmer

Over the existing holes, align the replacement skimmer and the rubber seal (the rubber seal is included in the replacement skimmer kit). To secure it to the pool wall, insert the screws but do not tighten them.

Step #6 – Remove the Holding Screws

Start at the bottom of the skimmer and then remove the holding screws. Replace the screws and place the faceplate over the holes. Insert the screws in the remaining holes and tighten them all to secure the faceplate to the wall once the bottom section of the faceplate is secured.

Step #7 – Connect the Filter’s Pump

Connect the filter pump’s hose to the new skimmer.

Step #8 – Add Water to the Pool

Fill the pool with water until the water level reaches the center of the skimmer. Check for leaks by running the pool filter.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

How do you fix a broken pool skimmer?

·         Determine the origin of the leak. To figure out where the leak is coming from, turn off the filter pump.
·         Make sure that the plumbing seals are in good shape. Look down into the skimmer’s bottom.
·         Examine the skimmer’s throat.
·         Use epoxy putty to repair the breaks.
·         Then seal it using silicone sealer.  

Where should a pool skimmer be placed?

Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, installation will be different.
Install one (or more) on the waterline at the top of your pool’s wall.
Take caution when installing a skimmer in your pool. Because you don’t want air to get sucked into the pump, you must focus on the water level line.
An equalization line that runs through the skimmer basket into the water or to a main drain in the pool’s bottom can be used to install the skimmer.
The equalization stops air from being sucked into the pool pump if the water level drops below the weir line (either due to evaporation or filtering your water to ‘trash’).
The optimal position for your skimmer (or skimmers) will be determined by a number of criteria, including the direction of the prevailing wind and the pool’s proximity to your home.
Floating debris is driven towards the skimmers and on the house side of the pool when the skimmer(s) are set facing the prevailing wind, so you don’t notice them when looking at your pool from the house.

How do you set up a pool skimmer?

·         Lower the water pool level.
·         Look for the skimmer’s screw and skimmer’s holes on the pools exterior.
·         Remove the skimmer opening by cutting it.
·         Create screw holes.
·         Attach the simmer to the pool’s exterior wall.
·         Connect the skimmer faceplate to the skimmer.

How do you connect a skimmer to a pump?

Inside the skimmer, a pump will pump the water to a filter or a waterfall . An external pump could be connected to the skimmer and used to pump water from the skimmer to the pond.


Replacing a pool skimmer can be done by following the 8 easy steps. You have the option to do it by yourself or ask a professional to do it for you. Just keep in mind the tips on replacing a pool skimmer. Make sure to choose the right skimmer for your swimming pool so you will not have any issue when installing it. If you have questions or inquiry about the topic, you can do so by commenting below.

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