How to Inflate a Pool Without a Pump

By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 8, 2022

The best way to cool down this summer is by spending your time in the pool. But, what if you do not have a pool. An inflatable swimming pool can provide the same experience. Usually, you need a pump to inflate an inflatable pool. However, if you do not have a pump, you can still use other devices as an alternative.

This article will help you in inflating a pool using a standard vacuum cleaner and an air compressor. Don’t worry. Your vacuum cleaner will not get damaged. Below are the steps on how to use the two devices to help you inflate your pool.

Steps on Inflating a Pool Using a Vacuum Cleaner

What You Need:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Plastic bottle

Step#1 Prepare Your Inflatable Pool

Position your inflatable swimming pool on the ground. Make sure there is enough room once completing the inflating process is completed. Take the pool out of the box and spread on the ground. Clear the area and make sure that it is free from any sharp materials to prevent tearing the pool.

Step#2 Prepare the Vacuum Cleaner

Prepare your vacuum cleaner and bring it outside where your pool is. Open the front cover or tab or button or anything that you need to take out or pressed first. Take the bag off the nozzle on the inside of the vacuum cleaner. Throw the bag in the trash bin and put the cover back on.

Remove the flexible hose from the back – you may need to press a tab or button. Plugin the vacuum cleaner into the outdoor-rated extension cord. Then, plug the extension cord into an outdoor AC outlet on the wall. You can also use an outlet inside the house in case there is no outlet outside.

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Step#3 Check the Vacuum Cleaner

Position the hose away from you. Turn on the vacuum cleaner to check if the air is blowing through the hose. Then turn it off again.

Step#4 Prepare the Hose

Get a plastic water bottle. Then, position the end of the hose against the bottom of the plastic bottle. Using your pencil, outline the bottom. With a sharp blade of a utility knife, cut out the outline. Throw the cutout plastic in the trash. Insert the hose end in the hole at the bottom of the bottle. Make sure the bottle will not fall out of the hole, tape it using duct tape.

Step#5 Connect the Vacuum Cleaner to the Inflatable Pool

Open the nipple by removing the cap. You can see it on the side of the inflatable pool. Position the open mouth of the bottle against the nipple. Then, turn on the vacuum cleaner. Using your one hand press on the sides of the nipple while holding the mouth of the bottle against the nipple with the other. Once you have inflated the pool completely, remove the bottle from the nipple. Turn off the vacuum cleaner. Replace the nipple.

Step#6 Disconnect the Vacuum Cleaner

Disconnect the vacuum cleaner from the extension cord. Replace the vacuum bag you remove earlier and return the front cover on. Take the bottle out and place the hose to the usual position on the cleaner.

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Steps on Inflating a Pool Using an Air Compressor

Before inflating the pool using the air compressor, you need to make sure that the device is assembled correctly. Also, ensure that it is connected to the right power source.

Step#1 Prepare the Air Compressor

Turn on the air compressor and let it build up the air in their holding tanks before inflating the pool. For the battery-operated compressor, no need to wait for the tank to be filled.

Step#2 Connect the Pool to Air Compressor

Remove the cap on the air filter valve of the pool. Connect the hose from the air compressor to the pool’s air filling valve. Make sure the air hose fits perfectly with the valve. This will keep the flap prevents the air from getting out the valve.

Step#3 Turn On the Compressor

Start filling the swimming pool. Check the pool every now and then to make sure it is filled well. You will know it is filled if the pool is tight.

Step#4 Detach the Compressor From the Pool

Stop the compressor and disconnect the hose from the filling valve. Replace the cap in the filling valve of the pool.

Note: Do not over-inflate the pool, it could lead to rupture or it may weaken the pool and will, later on, tear the inflatable pool.


You don’t have to worry if you do not have a pump in your house when inflating a pool. There are lots of alternatives you can find at home and online. Just make sure you use the one that can fill up the air your pool needs. For questions and inquiries on how to inflate a pool without a pump, you are welcome to comment below.

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