How to Increase Pool Pump Pressure

By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 6, 2022

Water in the pool has to keep on moving through the filter. This is intended to keep the water clean. The pressure in the pump has to be kept at some desired level. It should neither be too high or too low. If the pressure falls to either end then the water will suffer. It is upon you, therefore, to ensure that the pump pressure is either maintained or increased. How is that even possible? This article is going to guide you with the procedure of increasing the pump pressure. Please go through it for more information.

What is the importance of increasing pool pump pressure?

The pool pump might get blocked by dirt if the pressure is low. This is because water has to pass through the filter. It is in the filter where all the dirt is sieved and clean water is let to the pool. If the pump pressure is low, then it may not manage to push water through the filter.

How do you measure the pressure of the pool pump?

One has to install a pressure gauge to the pump. The pressure gauge will get all the readings of the pressure level. It is not a complicated device. You can easily read and interpret its measurements. It is easy to deduce from the reading of the pressure gauge whether it is low, high or medium. You should be able to decide on the necessary course of action to do depending on the output of the gauge.

How do you correct low pool pump pressure?

There are several ways in which you can correct this anomaly. You can try any of the following options:

  • Increase the size of the filter. A large filter will not clog easily.
  • Change the motor. In some instances, it is the motor that weakens or wears out. You should, therefore, plan to replace it with a new one.
  • Unclog the filter or even the entire pipe. Dirt tends to slow down the pressure.
  • Make deliberate attempts to increase the pool pump pressure.
  • Check the entire pipe system to see if there is any leak. Water that is leaking greatly hampers the pool pump pressure. You should move fast to correct this problem because it also leads to wastages.
  • Check the effectiveness of the whole system. It wears out with time, hence you should give it regular maintenance.

Confirm the capacity of the pump. If it is small, then it might be the correct time to change.

Why are pool filters important?

They play a great role in the filtration of dirt. If filtration is carried out to optimum, then the pressure on the pool floor is kept at desired levels. This helps in preventing the pump from undergoing excessive wear and tear. The effect is that you will be able to enjoy the services of your pump for long. If the water is not filtered, then that will get into the pool will be so dirty and contaminated.

What causes low pump pressure?

The pressure in the pump may diminish greatly depending on several factors. Some of the many things that may cause the pump to have low pressure include:

  • Clogging. Components such as skimmer, strainer baskets, and impeller, filter and suction pipes may block with time.
  • Increased resistance on the head.
  • Several features being used at once.
  • A large amount of sand and other dirt in the filter.

All of the above factors will reduce the efficiency of the pump. This will cause the pressure to reduce significantly, hence causing the pool pump to underperform.

What are the advantages of high pressure in a pump?

High pressure will always ensure that:

  • There is enough water that is supplied to the pool all the time.
  • It ensures that only clean water will jet out of the filter to the pool.
  • A lot of bubbles will be produced as a result of high pressure.
  • High pressure will improve water circulation in the pool.
  • It is also useful in elongating the lifespan of the pump. Low pressure causes the filter and other components to clog hence reducing its lifespan. High pressure, on the other hand, is not faced with such a challenge. This is why a pump that is operated using high pressure will always last long.

What is the importance of keeping the filter clean?

A filter is an important component in the pool pump. It determines the cleanliness of the pool. Whenever you are done with pumping water, remove the filter and clean it. This exercise will make it ready for the next assignment. Make it a practice to clean the filter in short intervals, not necessarily after every use.


A low pump in the pool should be avoided where possible. You should always strive to ensure that the pump pressure is always high. Several advantages arise because of increasing pressure. They are as highlighted above in the article. Low pressure may lead to the reduced lifespan of a pump. Several factors can make the pump pressure to decrease. If you eliminate those factors, the pump pressure will be at desired levels all the time.

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