Best Pool Skimmer Baskets

By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 8, 2022

Maintaining a clean pool is essential to maximizing your swimming experience. No one wants to come face-to-face with floating leaves or other debris when diving into the water.  The pool skimmer baskets are absolutely necessary if you want to keep your pool in tip-top shape. These cleaning aids are essential for pool maintenance because they remove debris from the filtration system. This review will provide information about the pool skimmer basket and the factors you need to consider when buying. We also reviewed five of the pool skimmer baskets on the market right now. At the end of this post, you’ll know which of the five products we looked at is our favorite.

What is a Pool Skimmer Basket?

A pool skimmer basket is a relatively simple piece of pool equipment that fits inside the skimmer and helps collect all floating debris from the water.

The skimmer basket collects all the leaves and nasties like a kitchen drawer strainer. When you’re done cleaning, you can remove the pieces of debris by using a mesh basket that traps them in the skimmer. Using a skimmer, which can simply run in the background, is far more convenient than having to manually fish out all of the leaves with a net, which is essential for the health of your pool.

Why Do I Need a Pool Skimmer Basket?

The skimmer basket does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to pool skimmer systems. To ensure the skimmer’s efficiency, it must have a well-designed basket to keep debris from clogging the filtration system. Baskets are essential because they keep the large pieces from reaching the skimmer, which eats up floating debris, so you can see how important they are.

Images Product Details Price
  • Skimmer Basket Size: up to 10-3/4 inches high by 8-1/8 inches the internal top width
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
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  • Skimmer Basket Size: 8.38 inches in diameter at the top, 6.75 inches in diameter at the bottom, and 5.63 inches in height
  • Weight: 1 pound
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  • Skimmer Basket Size: 8.44 inches in diameter by a height of 7.75 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
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Features to Consider When Buying a Pool Skimmer Basket

Even if you know what type of product you’re looking for, it won’t help you measure the finer points that make or break an item in the long run.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors to consider when selecting the ideal pool skimmer basket for your backyard swimming pool.


Pool skimmer baskets must be simple to install in order to be effective. You don’t want this to be a difficult or time-consuming task because you’ll be doing this every day, tossing the leaves.

Most baskets in the skimmer utilize a twist-lock system, while others are weighted and rely on gravity to keep them in place. You can always add a small rock to your basket if you notice that it floats rather than sitting in place.

Size of the Basket

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a skimmer basket for your pool is the size of the basket. An improperly fitted skimmer will leak debris into your pump because it won’t seal properly, allowing leaves and other debris to pass through.

Cleaning out a clogged pump system, on the other hand, is not fun.

Look up the product number on the basket’s side or bottom to determine the correct size for your skimmer. If all else fails, take measurements of the basket’s outside and inside diameters, height, and base diameter before purchasing a replacement. For the most part, everything is pretty standard.

Handle Included

Debris is easier to remove and empty if your basket has a good handle. For example, you can go with cheap plastic handles (which are notoriously flimsy) or more expensive metal rods.

There are even some models that include both a handle and a funnel. You can reduce the strain on your pool pump and skimmer by using a design that allows water to continue flowing through the skimmer even when the basket is overflowing.

Aesthetic Appeal

If you’re going to buy a pool net, make sure it’s strong and long-lasting so it can withstand the sun’s relentless rays as well.

Many skimmer baskets will be sold with UV-resistant plastic, which is your best defense against the sun. If you’re buying a product, make sure to read the specifications to ensure that it won’t break down within the first few weeks of use.


For many shoppers, the cost is the most important consideration. Despite claims to the contrary, if a product is out of your price range, there’s no point in even considering it. Even worse, if the product doesn’t live up to your expectations, you’ll be left with the impression that you’ve wasted your money. For their quality, all of the products on our list are within a reasonable price range.


If a product doesn’t last long enough to be tested, it can’t be judged for its capabilities. Pool skimmers that cost less are great, but if you have to replace them monthly, are you saving money?

We believe it is reasonable to expect a pool skimmer to last at least one year of use despite the high concentration of chlorine in the water. Before you remove the skimmer for cleaning, turn off your pool’s pump so that you don’t have to battle against the suction.

Performance and Reliability

Before making a purchase, one of the most crucial questions to ask yourself is: does it work? Is it simple to set up or install? When you need to clean it, will it be difficult to remove? Do you think it’ll work with any pool, or will it only work with specific models? Because there are so many different types of pool skimmers, it’s important to double-check that the replacement basket you order will work with your machine.

Top 5 Pool Skimmer Baskets in 2022

1. SkimDoctor 2.0

SkimDoctor 2.0 Pool Skimmer Basket Turbocharger With Non-corrosive Fittings  Includes Skimmer Sock For Easy Debris Removal  Fits Most Commercial Inground...

SkimDoctor Turbocharger cleans the pool three times faster for crystal-clear water and uses a vortex system to increase the skimmer basket’s capacity and suction power. It fits any standard inground pool skimmer basket. Variable speed pumps allow you to fine-tune suction when using low-speed modes.

Cleans Faster

The SkimDoctor 2.0 can skim your pool’s surface up to three times as fast as conventional pool skimmers, preventing leaves and other debris from falling to the pool’s bottom. You’ll have a cleaner pool and less work to do now that you won’t have to skim it frequently.

Easy to Assemble

The SkimDoctor 2.0 is easy to set up because it fits well inside the skimmer basket of an in-ground pool. Adjustable gates can help pool pumps that have a low flow rate or speeds to change. Fittings that are resistant to chemical and corrosive agents ensure a long life.

Requires Less Maintenance

SkimDoctor 2.0 reduces the amount of chemicals required in your swimming pool by improving water circulation and increasing the functionality of your inground pool vacuum system. While other products require you to keep an eye on your pool, SkimDoctor is hidden inside your skimmer basket.


Easy to use and assemble

Compatible with almost all skimmer baskets

Suction power can be controlled by adjusting the gates.

The basket is simple to remove.


It does not include a skimmer basket.

2. Val Pak V22

Val-Pak Products V22-110 U-3 Skimmer Basket

One of the top-rated pool skimmer baskets you will find in the market today is the Val Pak V22 Skimmer Basket. It is recommended for new users as it has a weighted plastic construction that will not float, so you don’t need to put a rock on it to keep it in place even when the pump goes off.

Made of Premium Quality Plastic

To ensure a long lifespan, the basket is made of UV-resistant, high-quality plastic that will not degrade in the sun’s UV rays. However, it lacks a raised handle, which necessitates a crooked stance when emptying.

Can Fit U-3 Skimmers

Aside from the above feature, the product has been engineered to be compatible with U-3 skimmers. It is fairly large, measuring 8.38 inches in diameter at the top, 6.75 inches in diameter at the bottom, and 5.63 inches in height.

No Need to Assemble

Val Pak V22 Skimmer Basket is so easy to use. You just have to attach the basket, and you’ll be ready to pick up all the dirt and other things in your pool.


Large in size, so it can pick up more debris.

When the pump is turned off, it won’t float away because of its sturdy plastic construction. Plastic of the highest quality.

The product is long-lasting and easy to use.


It does not have a built-in handle but is easy to hold.

Compatible only with U-3 Skimmers

3. Pentair R38013A

Pentair R38013A Basket for Floating Weir, Admiral Skimmer

The skimmer basket is one of Pentair’s most popular pool care products, and it has been for many years. They provide solutions to clean, sanitize and filter water to put it in its purest condition.

Traps Dirt and Debris Effectively

Pentair R38013A produces a nice vortex as water flows on it. Because the rotational flow sort of packs the leaves and twigs together, this enables you to easily trap debris in large quantities, giving you the ability to do so without much effort.

Cleans the Water Continuously

Aside from this, the basket also has a large volume, with dimensions of 8.44 inches in diameter and 7.75 inches in height. This makes it possible to significantly cut down on the amount of time spent stopping to empty out the collected rubbish, as the basket takes a considerable amount of time to fill up.

Made of High-Quality Material

After installation, the component can serve as a replacement for American products with the model number 850001-S-10 and Aladdin products with the number B-37. Other features include the following: The construction is made of durable white plastic, and there is no handle included in the package.


Makes a flow that looks like a whirlpool and is great at catching debris.

Large volume.

Robust construction made of plastic.

Easy to use and does not require complex assembly.


The basket lacks a handle.

4. SkimPro Skimmer Basket with Handle and Tower

SkimPro Tower-Vented Skimmer Basket with Tower and Handle

In terms of universality, the SkimPro Tower-Vented Skimmer Basket is the best. Skimmers such as Hayward 1070, Jacuzzi Deckmate, and PacFab are all compatible. The height of the basket without the tower measures 6.125 inches, while the width is measured at 8.44 inches.

Tower Vent Design

The patented SkimPro™ features a tower vent design that allows water to circulate through the skimmer even when debris and leaves fill the basket. This helps protect pump motors and prevent algae formation. 

One Size Fits All

If you’re looking for a skimmer basket that can fit any pool, the SkimPro Tower-Vented Skimmer Basket is the right choice for you. SkimPro beats all the other products when it comes to the pools they can be used with.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Models and Brands

This skimmer basket will work with almost every pool because it can be used with a wide range of brands and models. To find out if this skimmer basket will work for your pool, you can look for a serial number on the bottom of your current skimmer or measure the size of your pool’s skimmer to see if it is the right size.


The price is low compared to others.

Easy to remove basket because of its tower design.

It can withstand excessive debris, usually after the storm.

It can fit any type of pool.


The tower may fall off while cleaning the basket.

In some pools, the tower may stick out from the skimmer.

5. Hayward SPX1082CA Replacement Basket

Hayward SPX1082CA Basket Assembly Replacement for Select Hayward Automatic Skimmers

Hayward’s main objective is to make your time at the pool easy and stress-free. So, the equipment is smartly made to keep your pool clean and worry-free. The company has been helping pool owners enjoy their pools for over 80 years by providing worldwide high-tech pool equipment. One of them is the Hayward SPX1082CA Replacement Basket.

Excellent Replacement Basket for Hayward Pool Skimmer

An excellent replacement basket for your Hayward pool pump can be purchased at a very reasonable price. The most popular skimmer basket for Hayward’s standard models is this one. This heavy-duty basket will keep your pool clean and in good working order.

Weigh Less at the Bottom

The pool skimmer baskets made by Hayward are compatible with various Hayward skimmers. It helps your pool’s filtration system by having a small weight at its bottom. It has a sturdy metal handle, and you can use it to remove debris from a swimming pool quickly.

Made of High-Quality Material

Because it is made of high-quality plastic, it is able to resist the damaging effects of the pool chemicals and keep its original functionality. It takes more time to fill with its 5 inch depth, 7 1/8 inch top width, and 6 5/8 inch bottom width.


Compatible with all Hayward pool skimmers.

Durable and could last longer.

It is lightweight.

Contributes to extending the life of the pool pump.


May tend to float.


After reviewing five pool skimmer baskets, we find SkimDoctor 2.0 Pool Skimmer BasketTurbocharger as the best choice. The SkimDoctor 2.0 can skim your pool’s surface up to three times faster than conventional pool skimmers. It reduces the amount of chemicals required in your swimming pool by improving water circulation and increasing the functionality of your inground pool vacuum system.

Our second choice is the PentairR38013ASkimmer Basket. The brand has been the leading manufacturer of high-quality pool care items, and one of them is the skimmer basket. The rotational flow of the water collects the leaves, debris, and other particles in the water together.

However, if you are looking for an affordable but of good-quality skimmer basket, the Hayward SPX1082CA Replacement Basketwill surely fit your budget. The Hayward SPX1082CA Replacement Basket is compatible with a variety of Hayward skimmers. It has a sturdy metal handle, and you can use it to remove debris from a swimming pool quickly.

Don’t forget to double-check and ensure that the pool skimmer basket you buy is compatible with the one you already have, no matter which of the best pool skimmer baskets you choose to purchase.

How to Choose the Right Pool Skimmer Baskets?

Most skimmer baskets are compatible with a wide range of pools since it is available in various brands and models. Make sure your pool’s current filter is compatible by checking its bottom and the serial number or measuring its dimensions to ensure this is the right size for you.

Also, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Installation – You should look for a product that is easy to install on your own. A weighted or twist-lock system is needed to keep it submerged.
  • Quality – Make sure the basket is made of sturdy plastic that can withstand water pressure. For long-term use, opt for chlorine-resistant materials.
  • Handle – Skimmer baskets with plastic handles, metal rods, and more are good options for easy use and cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

How do pool skimmer baskets work

Using pool skimmer baskets, leaves, dirt, and other debris can be collected from the water. To remove the basket once it is full, you can simply remove it from the wall and reinstall it.

How can I remove my skimmer basket

Depending on the pool skimmer’s model, removing the basket from the device can be accomplished in one of several distinct ways. Skimmer baskets that come equipped with handles make the process of removing the water very easy.

What is the primary purpose of a pool skimmer basket

The primary function of a pool skimmer basket is to collect various types of particles, including dirt, debris, leaves, and others. It helps prevent the filtration system of the pool from becoming clogged.

How often should I empty my skimmer basket

At least once a week, you should clean the skimmer basket in your pool. The better your pump’s filtration will be, the more often you empty the debris basket. During the busiest swimming season or if your pool gets a lot of use, it’s not a bad idea to clean it twice a week or even daily.

Do you need a skimmer lid

It’s not that important, so there’s no need to worry about not having one already installed. They have a propensity to shatter easily. However, they serve a purpose. When the pump is turned off, the floating skimmer weir acts as a gate that prevents the debris that the skimmer has collected from going back into the pool.

What Else Can the Pool Skimmer Baskets Be Used For

To keep the water clean, a pool skimmer basket collects dirt, leaves, dead insects, and other debris before it sinks to the bottom. Adding chlorine tablets to the skimmer is one possible use for the basket. Placing chlorine tablets in the basket, in the opinion of many pool owners, is a time-saving measure.

What Are the Different Types of Pool Skimmer Baskets for the In-Ground Pools and Above-Ground Pools

If you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, there are a variety of skimmer baskets to choose from. Plastic or precast concrete are the most common materials for in-ground pool skimmer construction. Automatic chlorinators and water level controls are common features. However, most of the models we looked at are for above-ground pools, which have thin walls and necessitate daily basket cleaning.

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