Best Pool Floats for Tanning

By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 8, 2022

When the weather is nice, lazing around in the sun is a terrific way to unwind. When it comes to relaxing and soaking up the sun, the best pool floats for tanning come in handy. The style of pool float you choose will depend on your personal preferences for getting a tan. Pool loungers for tanning should have a level surface for stretching, be the right size for you, have built-in pillows or armrests to make you comfortable, and be easy to move around.

There are numerous pool floats available, but not all are ideal for getting a tan. However, even though these novelty floats are amusing, they don’t often have enough area for you to relax on, making them unpleasant to lay on for lengthy periods. Consider pool floats made of soft, breathable fabrics or have enough capacity for two people to rest and tan at the same time. A list of the top pool floats for tanning has been compiled to assist your search.

Top 3 Recommendations

6 Best Quality Pool Floats in 2022

1. Poolmaster Swimming Pool Float

Poolmaster Swimming Pool Adjustable Floating Chaise Lounge, Rio Sun, Blue Currents

It’s easy to relax when you’re sitting up straight or totally reclined with Poolmaster’s adjustable floating chaise lounges, which are their top-tier floating loungers. Sidearms that can support up to 275 pounds are made of non-corrosive materials and are covered with a decorative all-weather fabric. The pillows and footrests are stuffed with Dacron, and each arm has a built-in food and beverage storage. It’s ideal for relaxing on the water while reading a book.

Top of the Line Floating Lounges

The Rio Sun Floating Lounges are designed for serious power loungers who demand deluxe-style relaxation. Spend the day gently floating along the water in comfort, reading, napping, or sipping on a cold beverage with friends.

Comfortable Lounging

All-weather fabric means that it doesn’t get moldy and doesn’t fade in the sun. A Dacron-filled pillow in the middle of the cushion helps support the head and neck. It’s padded from top to bottom. The footrest is free-floating, which adds to the comfort of this lounge. Choose from Mod Dots or Blue Currents, two beautiful patterns in style now. Mod Dots has subtle, neutral colors, and Blue Currents has a bright blue and green design.

Adjustable Fully-Reclined to Upright Position

It doesn’t matter if it’s nap time or if you want to read a book. This lounge can easily move without getting out of the water, you can go from an upright chair to a partial or full recline. A simple body move allows you to choose the best way to relax. 39.5″ wide by 67″ long when fully reclining.


  • Weather and corrosive resistant polyform arm design.
  • Dacron-filled pillow high backrest.
  • Each arm has a built-in cup and snack holder.
  • It can support up to 275 pounds.
  • Adjustable pool floats.


  • This float for tanning may get easily damaged.

2. TRC Recreation Sunsation

TRC Recreation Sunsation 70 Inch Full Size Foam Raft Lounger Swimming Pool Float with Pillow Headrest for Pool or Lake, Bahama Blue

One of the great swim floaties for adults. A lot of high-quality water and outdoor recreational products are still made by TRC Recreation, like pool floats, spa pillows, floating chairs and lounges, and other things. They also make high-quality water toys, games, and other things.

Made of High-Quality Material

With 1.75 inches of smooth vinyl-coated foam that won’t absorb water, you’ll always be able to float in luxury and comfort. This is a very popular float that comes with a roll pillow. It’s designed to give the head and neck extra buoyancy and make it easier to carry.

Full-Size Lounger

This pool float is 70 inches long and 26 inches wide. It’s big enough for a full-sized adult and a perfect pool floats for plus size adults has a roll pillow to keep your head in place. TRC pool loungers are made for comfort and durability, so choose this mat float when you go swimming next time.

Thicker Foam

The TCR is a beautiful float with a lot of space and comfort. In this case, it is about 2.5 inches thick and is made of buoyant foam with a waterproof vinyl cover. It also has a cool texture to make you feel like you’re at a spa. If you want to relax on the water, this mat comes in various bright and beautiful colors. And it is the best foam pool floats.


  • Available in luxurious and many colors.
  • High-quality material makes it last for a long time.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • Comfortable for sunbathing.


  • It releases an unpleasant odor when exposed for long hours in hot weather.

3. Aqua Campania Ultimate 2-in-1

Aqua Campania Ultimate 2-in-1 - Inflatable Pool Float and Recliner with Adjustable Backrest and Caddy - Navy Hibiscus

If you like to get a tan, you’ll love the Aqua Campania lounger. From upright to flat, you can move the backrest in any direction. The cool weave cloth used to cover the entire surface is extremely soft to the touch.  This is what the surface looks like now.

Detachable Caddy

With the Aqua Campania, you get an accompanying pull caddy.  so that you can put things in it. You can put a bottle of sunscreen and your sunglasses in the caddy. It also has room for two drinks. The caddy can also be used as a drifter.

Made of Premium Quality Materials

The wire-free water lounge chair is made of premium quality, soft fabric mesh, making it comfortable and supportive as you lay your back in the pool. It also makes the chair cool and stylish. Convenient carry handles make moving around a breeze.

Impressive Buoyancy

The Aqua Campania has impressive buoyancy as it is 20% thicker than other pool floats. It measures 56 x 36 inches when inflated and can carry up to 250 pounds.


  • Comfortable and relaxing
  • Easy to adjust the backrest
  • Available in attractive colors
  • Detachable floating caddy


  • Not durable enough to last longer

4. Robelle Premium Chaise Poolside and in-Pool Pool Tanning Lounge

Robelle Premium Chaise White Poolside and in-Pool Swimming Pool Tanning Lounge

Robelle has been making high-quality pool products since 1973. They are reliable and last for a long time. Eco-friendly manufacturing and a wide range of colors make this option one that puts you in charge and lets you feel good about what you’ve chosen. With a long history of success for the Robelle brand, you can be sure as well.

Available in Multiple Colors

This float is available in a lot of different colors. To buy or not to buy? You don’t have to think about that much when looking at floats. The Robelle lets you choose from a wide range of bright colors that look great in the pool.

Two in One Feature

This lounge can be used as a pool float and assembled as a deck chair. You can relax at the poolside sitting on this comfortable deck chair to get the skin color you want. Soak up the sun by the pool, or move this floating lounger into the water for a partially submerged pool lounger.

Stylish and Move Smoothly in Water

This pool lounge is very stylish and can smoothly move around on the water. This all-weather lounge fits well with most garden and landscaping styles, giving the poolside area an elegant look. Middle joints let the chaise fold down to be moved and stored in the winter. This deluxe floating lounger can go from the patio to the pool and back again. It comes ready to go.


  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • It is soft and lasts a long time.
  • Closed-cell foam for better buoyancy.
  • It can be a deck chair and a pool float.


  • May tend to flip in the pool.
  • Balancing while taking your drink is a bit hard.

5. Swimways 13018 Spring Float Recliner

Swimways Spring Float Recliner 13018 - Colors Vary

Pool floats made by SwimWays are the only ones covered in fabric and have an inside spring that makes them more stable and comfortable in the water. Relax into the mesh and let the stress of everyday life fade away. There are a lot of different styles and colors for babies, adults, kids, and even the family dog! Spring floats make great pool floats for traveling because they fold up into three small rings that are easy to carry.

Inner Spring Technology

Floats with the Spring technology are the only ones on the market that are easy to inflate, close, and carry around. As you can see, it is a great way to enjoy the summer! There are so many great things about this floater. Though, the drink holder is pretty cool.

Lay Back Design

As a bonus, this pool lounger lets you enjoy floating around in the water because it has a lay back in the mesh seat and armrests, as well as a built-in cup holder. This gives you the most comfort, convenience, and relaxation.

Jet Valves

Jet valves are a good thing about this lounger. It is very easy for you to fold it into three small circles for storage or transportation because it is made to inflate and deflate very quickly.


  • Comfortable swimming pool floater
  • Durable
  • Cleaning it is easy
  • Easy to store


  • You cannot lie on your stomach.

6. SwimWays Aquaria Avena Pool Float

SwimWays Aquaria Avena Lounge Cell Foam Pool Float - Blue

Water enthusiasts design Swimways products for water lovers. They make sure their products are useful for the entire family, even their pets. You will enjoy the splashing of water and relaxing under the sand without worrying. So many things are in store for you if you choose this brand.

Special Aqua Cell Foam

This type of foam can resist peeling and chipping. Compared to traditional vinyl dipped floats, this brand applies color-fusion technology to cover the float with rich, long-lasting color.

Closed-cell Foam Designed

The Avena does not require inflation. It does not absorb water, and the foam core is very firm that you can lie comfortably on it and have a relaxing float.

Proudly Made in the USA  

This American-made pool float for tanning has a quilted surface for superior comfort and relaxing stay in the pool. Your head is elevated from the water’s surface with its oversized integrated pillow. It helps keep your face and ears from water.


  • There’s no need for an air pump.
  • The price is fair.
  • Doesn’t move with the weight.
  • A float that is good for tall and big people
  • It can carry a lot of weight.


  • You can easily puncture the material.

What to Look for When Buying Best Pool Floats for Adults

If you’re looking for a nice pool float for tanning, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind while purchasing one.

To help you narrow down your selections, here are some factors to consider. This will help you choose the best pool rafts

for your needs.

Number of Air Chambers

The most critical consideration is whether or not your float contains enough air chambers. You will need to inflate each pool float’s air chambers one at a time.

Although this may be physically taxing, it is essential for safety. Even if one of your air chambers ruptures, you’ll still have a working air cell to help you land safely.

The float might sink if a tear in the material occurred without several air chambers. If you intend to use the float with youngsters, these considerations are much more critical.

You can rest easy knowing that your loved ones are safe even if they shed a few tears while playing. A minimum of two chambers is required to ensure that the float doesn’t sink if one deflates.

Surface Area

You’ll need to think about how big the surface area is on your pool float. If you want to rest on a pool lounger but don’t want to risk sunburn on your back, it’s best not to use one.

You can simply spin around and get nicer than on floats that are flat and level.

This can make it tough to unwind if the water isn’t wide enough completely. You should be able to fit comfortably in a float that is 30 inches wide by 50 inches long.

Materials it is Made of

Make sure you know what your float is constructed of. Your float should be more durable than it would otherwise be if it were solely for your enjoyment since youngsters may play with it. Premium vinyl resists rips, tears, and punctures better than lesser fabrics, allowing your children to bounce and play without fear of injury.

Think about where you’ll keep your float as well. For all-day cookouts, you may want to avoid cloth mesh if you plan on leaving your pool float there for a long time.

Mesh can keep you cool in the sun, but mold can grow on it if it’s kept in water for a lengthy period of time.

Mold cannot grow on nylon’s synthetic fibers. Therefore, it’s a superior option. While working on other projects around the yard, you can leave the float in the water. Children with delicate skin might also benefit from nylon because it is gentler on the skin.

Added Features

The final consideration is whether or not you want a float with additional functionality. If you plan to lounge around the pool for an extended period of time, you’ll want a tanning float with cup holders and armrests.

Comfortable: These will make your experience as pleasant as possible. You may relax on the beach while sipping on a cocktail and working on your tan.

A float with cup holders at arm’s length will save you from having to reach far to get a drink.

Look for floats that include tethering ports if you have a huge pool or intend to use your float in natural water. These anchors keep your float anchored to the ground. If you want to keep your float from drifting to the other side of the pool, you can attach it to an anchor.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

How To Choose The Best Pool Lounge Floats?

Finding the best tanning pool float can be quite challenging. The best thing to do is consider the essential factors like the materials it is made of, the surface area, added features, and others. It should be something comfortable and easy to carry. It is available in different colors and designs, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

How deep is a tanning shelf?

In most cases, tanning shelves are between 9 and 18 inches deep; they might be substantially deeper in some cases. When it comes to tanning, it’s better to have a shallower ledge than a deeper one.

What is a Tanning Pool?

A tanning pool also called sunbathing lounger, is an inflatable thing made of either foam, vinyl, or fabric that you use to expose yourself under the sun while in the pool water. All you just need to do is pump it enough to blow it up and make it strong enough to carry your weight. Then position it in the pool water where you can relax and enjoy the heat of the sun.

Which Pool Floats are the Best?

The above products we reviewed are some of the best floating lake chairs in the market today. But among the six products above, we find Aqua Campania the best among the rest. You can relax in the sun in any position you want. Lying or elevated, you can do that comfortably.

Can You Leave Pool Floats in the Sun?

Floating in the sun and heat might cause damage to your pool toy. Leaving your float in bright sunlight can cause it to expand, causing it to explode.
For the same reason, you should not leave a vinyl or plastic pool float inside a pool for long periods of time. When you get out of the pool, try to remove your float.

Why do Pool Inflatables Deflate in the Sun?

Due to changes in the air temperature, pool floats lose their shape. The hot sun will make the air inside your float grow bigger. Then, if you leave your float outside overnight, the opposite will happen, which will cause your inflatable to lose its shape.


Tanning pool float selection isn’t difficult once you know what features you want and how much money is available to invest. But based on the review done on the 6 top floats for tanning, we find Aqua Campania the best rated pool floats. One of the reasons is its versatility. You can lie on it flat, or you can elevate your head. It is also made of quality material, making it quite durable to last long. Aqua Campania also has a detachable caddy for your drinks and other things you need while getting tanned. If you want to buy large flotation devices you can check out our floaties pool float guides. Also If you want to share your thoughts and opinions with us, just comment below.

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