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By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 8, 2022

The pool and spa are a water space to maintain to enjoy some relaxation benefits. Healing to your soul and some healthy improvement to the body. Any waterbody should serve these indicated purposes. Howbeit, the hygiene, and composure of the pool are artificial and bridled to give the desired results.

A good means to maintain your spa or pool is to keep clean water. Long-term use of water implies that every little dirt here and there accumulates over time into debris. This settles at the base of your in-ground pool. Getting rid of the debris may prove difficult if done manually. You might be working off the butt of a pool cleaner doing so, and its cost-effectiveness may not be guaranteed.

The automated pool cleaner is a built vacuum cleaner designed to remove debris and sediment from swimming pools with less human effort.  Pool cleaners are easy to handle and operate, so the idea of getting one for your pool is not a bad one at all.

Often, pool cleaners owners make a wrong choice of pool cleaning product, assertion owes to the feedback responses so far. However, this review of carefully handpicked 7 best in ground pool cleaners. This includes buying guide that will propel you towards making the right choice of the vacuum cleaner.

In this review, you will be exposed to seven of the best automated in-ground pool cleaners available in the market. They are rugged, durable, and efficient. They’ll give a highly optimal value for the money invested in them.

3 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Comparison

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7 Best In ground Pool Cleaner Reviews 2022

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC-Plus Automatic Robotic

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Easy to Clean Large Top Load Filter Cartridges and Tangle-Free Swivel Cord, Ideal for In-ground...

Dolphin is a brand that has got one of the best automated in-ground pool cleaners. This automatic product has an easy-to-control handle as it has appreciably lightweight. It clears dirt, algae growths, and leaves from your pool with its smooth vacuuming. And gliding moves in an in-ground pool of up to 50 meters.

Ease of Operation

Without a hassle, the automatic cleaner operates effortlessly with dual scrubbing brushes. These produce a field capture of dirt; left to right, front to back. This is based on the locus position at any given working period. This would mean a narrow escape for any particle of dirt at a given part of the pool. The scrubbed portion with water is evacuated into the superior filter that locks in all sorts of debris, floating particles. It moves freely with the swivel tangle-free cable. Its toothed wheel belts allow it to climb the walls of your in-ground pool. Water is pulled through the bottom as it vacuums through its twin cartridges to release the clean water through the top cage. It’s a working efficiency that does not wear out easily!


One good factor to consider about every working in-ground pool cleaner is its ability to work for long. PSU motor vacuum operator is sturdy strong and it can last a single operative period of 2 hours. Yes, quite that long, and your 50-feet standard or backyard pool is left extensively clean. Attestations have come from users with claims that the cleaner is on a fifth-year use and still counting. Now, that’s a commendable span for a pool cleaner at that rate for which no repair is incurred.


  • Ideal for in-ground swimming pools up to 50 feet
  • Leaves pool sparkling clean in just 2 hours
  • Traps and locks-in all sorts of dirt and debris


  • Cleaner does not pick up fine sands and tiny debris? Ensure that a threshold voltage of 100volts is attained. The machine works best at the 100-240v power range

2. Dolphin Premier Robotic

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner with Powerful Dual Scrubbing Brushes and Multiple Filter Options, Ideal for In-ground Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet.

You must have been looking for an ideal robotic cleaner that works on less energy than the old-fashioned suction-pressure cleaners? This is the best in-ground pool cleaner for you.

Less Energy spent

Dual 24-volt DC motors attached are optimized. They give the most effective scanning and scrubbing coverage on every square inch of the pool. You may need to conserve energy on some days. After a long session of consumption on the high side, the electricity bill needs monitoring. Batteries are not a bad thing to go with!


Two pressure sides and two electric robots, such a dirt dare-devil and an aqua-bot. The filter size is large enough to clean your pool and spa at once. It scrubs the floor, wall, and tile/waterline with such precision that every square inch is cleaned. Even on its 90% less energy than the old-fashioned suction/pressure cleaners.


LED full indicator light gives an alert so you know when to empty bags. Disposable debris bags are also used and make the dirt clearing job easily done. With a physical remote as well, a zeppelin control is less man-made. It is ideal for gunite, vinyl, and fiberglass types of pools.

Quite a several pool cleaners have not been able to maintain a hassle-free status due to tangle during use. Anti-tangle patented swivel technology that accompanied this best pool cleaner product provides smooth hassle-free cleaning.


  • 360⁰ no tangle swivel
  • Complete pool coverage
  • Dual scrubbing brushes and multiple filter options


  • Cleaner gets stuck on your drain? You may like to get the Maytronics outlet flow diverter attachment. This gives the cleaner a more forward push

3. Solar-Breeze NX2 Automatic

With Solar-Breeze cleaner, you can give away the idea of custom power consumption from using most machines. It uses natural energy from the sun. Automatic pool cleaner operates all day in your pool removing 90-95% surface debris, dust, and pollens.

Chemical cleaner

Also included in this automatic pool cleaner is a chamber for a dispenser tray to fit in. The tray dispenses chemicals like muriatic acid and hypochlorous that help to sanitize your pool and keep it germ-free.

Natural Energy Source

The only supply of energy being the sun, it can still keep cleaning for hours after sundown. It has a maximum running period of 23.5 hours per day in the mid-summer of the sun-belt region. Do you have a concern for the machine getting stuck now and then? Then, the powered bumper wheels on the front corners are made for this. They rotate and re-direct the unit each time it connects with the in-ground poolside.

Throw away your manual skimmer and get a hold of the Solar breeze NX2 pool cleaner. Save yourself the job of a siding cleaner and use effort for some other things. Harness the sun as well!


  • 1 lithium-ion batteries required (rechargeable with solar energy)
  • Portable and easy to handle and transport
  • Hoseless, cordless – jump-in automatic operation


  • On sundown days, gloomy weather does not re-fuel energy

4. Zodiac Polaris E9550 Sport Robotic

Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

One of the best polaris pool cleaner. This 4-wheel drive has got your detailed pool cleaning service, anytime, any day. It is fitted with Aqua-Trac tires made for all types of pool surfaces. This gives support with superior sensor technology for unbeatable navigation.

The top-of-the-line 4WD (really forward) pool cleaner has an Easy-Lift-System and a motion-sensor remote. This ensures intuitive navigation plus an effortless removal from the pool.

The dirty canister indicator eliminates your guesswork for filter emptying time. Know immediately when it’s time to dispose of the filter canister.


It has a programmed waterline-only cleaning cycle that is isolated for tile-line scrubbing.

A 7-day programmable time allows you to pre-program cleaning procedures with a customizable set and forget about the cleaning modes!

From the top of the cleaner, a lid and large capacity filter canister are easily withdrawn. This is to dispose of the dirt and thus precludes the need for messy bags.


  • Cleans pools up to 60” in length
  • Includes a premium compact transport caddy – easily assembled
  • Sensor-coverage with remote assistance


  • Robotic cleaner wheels might not climb steps on the poolside. You may have to engage a skimmer for this side of the pool

5. Baracuda Zodiac MX8

Cyclonic vacuum technology ensures that your pool gains the attractive attention it deserves.

Easy to operate

The device connects directly to a skimmer or a dedicated 1.5” vacuum line and works as a hand-held/automatic match pool cleaner. This would serve a better cleaning experience, to your best taste.

Efficient and Sturdy

It cleans your pool aggressively than any cleaner you may put in its class. And it leaves no dirt unturned and traps debris in a lock-in filter. It produces an exceptional clean-up from the pool floor to the waterline.

A 39” twist-clock hose, with its fast and quick-connect, ensures optimal performance by reducing vacuum pressure loss. So, no matter the amount of debris collected before due elimination, vacuum pressure still holds to power!

Zodiac MX8 is one of the best in-ground pool cleaners with ultra-efficient low-flow cleaning coverage.


  • Requires as little as 20 Gallon-per-minute vacuum pressure flow
  • Double cyclonic suction provides a wider cleaning coverage and larger dirt consumption
  • It has robust heavyweight- that assures you of its durability


  • Narrow debris can wrap around the axle. Mop off and clean by occasional servicing of the device

6. Pentair GW7900 Automatic

Obstacle surmounting

This great pool cleaning device has a programmed steering system that maneuvers around tight corners, ladders, and obstacles. This ensures a fast, uninterrupted cleaning performance. It will leave a visibly clean result after an exclusive clean-up.

With a sturdy strong suction, this Pentair automatic pool cleaner pump is strong enough. It withdraws all range of particles and debris away from any part of your pool. It does not blow tiny dirt off but rather does a double suction per time. This feature doesn’t allow it to lose hold of any dirt at hand!


Pool cleaner has a tough strength to work for years without having to repair. Credits from common users have validated their longevity. Its best cleaning capacity is not breached over time and you can re-use after cycles. Your commercial pool and spa need a durable cleaner such as this. Buy the one you won’t have to bother about after a count of usage, it might be bad for business!


  • Cleans faster than random-style cleaners – reduces the tendency to miss hidden spots
  • 13” x 13” x 13” cubic dimension gives a balanced navigation and even space clean-up
  • Easy to set and operate


  • Top hose connection does not swivel. No, it doesn’t. However, the hose rarely tangles

7. Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic

This best automatic pool cleaner gives a grind with a large capacity top load filter. And lid which is ideal for swimming pools up to 33 feet. You just have to sit back and watch Nautilus CC clean the pool for you. In just 2 hours, your pool is ready for other lasting rounds of splashing fun.

Absolute Cleaning

Unlike suction and pressure, this robotic cleaner does not leave your pool halfway clean. But removes all sediments and debris which are on the floor and stuck to the wall of the pool.

Its scrubbing efficiency, just like the CC-Plus cannot be overrated. It is energy-saving with a plug-and-play weekly scheduler that makes the cleaning easier.

This device also permits you to install the ultra-fine filter. And it does protect the coating of your vinyl liner pool.

If you have done cleaning for a length of time so that you have to pick it up later. Even when your pool seems irredeemable, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic cleaner is your clever in-ground pool cleaner ever! It picks up large and fine dirt at once and you can easily see the transformation.

There is no problem with the cord, it does not tangle. Also, no complication is obtained from set-up,

removing and re-installing the filters at any time.


You can draw a clear line of distinction with this pool cleaning robot. It charges you less and gives your pool a brilliant clean result. The machine is less-fatigued and does not raise a brow at the pool cleaning task however tedious it may be.


  • Cleaner is durable
  • It is portable and easy to handle
  • Consumes less energy


  • Cleaner may skid and skip dirt in a 50-feet pool. This device works best with pools up to 33 feet

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Pool Cleaning Tools

You’ve been exposed to a variety of the best in-ground pool cleaners available in the market. A simple guide for making a perfect choice out of them is implementing.

This buying guide will narrow down the spec of automated vacuum cleaners to a selective choice. For your kind of pool and the nature of service you desire, go through it.

When buying the inground pool cleaner, you need to consider some factors such as these:


Scrubbing ability -Cleaning service for your pool is not a daily job (not supposed to be). That would be overworked and your working tool easily wears out. So, when purchasing the inground pool cleaner for your swimming pool and spa. Consider the fact that you need a cleaner that can remove dirt. And debris accumulated over time from pool use. The ability should consist of less energy consumption and an optimal working period, and a desirable clean result.

Power usage – Some pool cleaners are less power-exerting and can run on low-volt batteries (some even run on solar power). However, the downside might be that they need to work longer, compared to other motors that run on electricity supply. This is not always so per se. But you have to consider the size and depth of your pool. And the working capacity plus the timing that you need. Also, a decision from the cheapest available power source could drive a choice of yours.

Filter capability

You might have to be paying for a pool cleaner with adequate filter capacity. Before investing in a pool cleaner, you may need to make sure the filter size is enough to cover the depth. (at most 50 feet) and the size of your pool for a thorough cleaning, done at once. that you don’t have to take it out of the pool. When you realize that the filter is full and re-engage for a second chance.


Additional features of most pool cleaning robots present as an advancement over custom cleaners with simple pressure-vacuum operatives, on the turbo-like engine. The implication of improved pool-ground scrubbing power might be term as an improved price of cleaner products.

In this case, the weight of your budget must strike a definitive balance with the artifice of service you need. You don’t have to pay for extras on products with an unreasonable add-on to the task of in-ground pool cleaning. There are averagely costly pool cleaners that provide optimum benefits to derive for a less-periodic, electric power supplying use.

You may not have to buy a solar-working costly cleaner when your power supply is uninterruptible, readily available, and cost-friendly. A dial-pad or android connectible cleaner will have a comparative extra cost. You might not bother about when you need automation as max as poss.

So you can work out of pool space. Even in the convenience of your stable when you don’t have to man many parts of the work. A robotic pool cleaner is evidence of the cause mentioned (ease of use). And maybe a bit expensive in terms of cost. The comfortability of use may be primary to you, however.

Robotic/Vacuum Suction/Pressure

Of the three types of pool cleaners, starting at the top in terms of ease of use. The robotic pool cleaners are the best. An example is the popular Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. They are completely self-operative once they are underwater. It operates on with little or no manual intervention, as a plug-and-play system. They are expensive but worth it

Imagine throwing the machine into the water and for the first twenty-five minutes. You have the esteemed task of gathering everything that gets in its way. What could happen without your attentive service? The steam suddenly goes out. Then you might just have to squeeze the branches and leave them instead of picking them up.

Some robot cleaners may lose their pressure when the filter bag is full. Make sure the one you buy keeps its vacuum pressure throughout the process. The vacuum pressure should be resilient enough to withstand a large filter load and still work perfectly.

For first-time swimming pool owners, and new pools, a suction-side pool cleaner may be easy to use. And adequate, with apt reliance on your pool’s filter to capture the debris. An example of a suction-side pool cleaner is the Hayward Aquanaut.

The type and size of the pool

Design of pool – Determine the design of your pool before purchasing a pool cleaner. The products listed in this review are essentially made for in-ground pools. Up to 50 feet deep and with a standard water capacity in gallons. Whether a fiberglass, vinyl liner, or concrete (gunite) in-ground pool.

The surface porosity is a considerable factor for cleaning. Gel-coat, fiberglass pool surface, is virtually non-porous compared to a concrete pool. These rough cavities and pores give algae a place to hide and call residence. A pool cleaner with suction-side and max bed suction is advantageous. A plus is on consistent scrubbing every inch of its smooth navigation. With a cleaning capacity to uproot algae growths and get them trapped in its lock-in filter.

Size – Commercial-size swimming pool of about 220,000 gallons may require an ultra-fine micro-filter of automatic pool cleaners. These are easily operated on their own. The robotic, Dolphin Nautilus CC plus type, is an advantage to this one. There is a need for high water suction and return rates.

However, spas and backyard pools with lesser water volume may need not have the attendance of a suction-powered pool cleaner. But a low-vacuum cleaning product that gives a vacuum sweep might just be adequate.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

How do you vacuum an inground pool?

The following are steps on vacuuming an inground pool:
·         Connect the telescoping pole to the vacuum head. 
·         Use the vacuum plate to connect your skimmer to the vacuum head and the hose to the skimmer. 
·         Light vacuuming can be done with a multiport valve filter set to “Filter.” Set your filter system to “Waste” for larger jobs and more debris, which will send water down the drain instead of through the filter. 
·         Like a real vacuum cleaner, make slow linear clearances with the vacuum (if you go too fast, you’ll only stir up the dirt and not actually collect . 
·         To proceed if the pool is particularly filthy, empty the pump filter. Keep repeating until your pool’s floor is clean. 
·         Disconnect the vacuum head and hoses when you’re done vacuuming. Clear out the skimmer’s bottom as well. If you changed your filter pump settings, make sure to reset them (and backwash your sand or DE filter if necessary). Finish by scrubbing the pool floor and sides with a brush attached to your telescoping pole.

Are robotic pool cleaners worth the money?

Investing in robotic pool cleaners is a no-brainer. It is the best thing you will buy for your pool’s maintenance. An automatic cleaner should be able to thoroughly clean your pool in three hours or less, depending on its size. 

Is a Polaris pool cleaner worth it?

Polaris pool cleaner is worth buying, particularly if you have a big enough pool. The waterline cleaning mode alone may be worth the price and the easy lift system makes it easy to remove the robot from the pool when not in use.

How do I choose a robotic pool cleaner?

When choosing a robotic pool cleaner, the first thing you need to consider is the pool surface. Make sure the robotic pool cleaner can handle the surface. Find a soft PVA brush that grips well for cleaning fiberglass or slick tile pools. Wheeled or universal rubber PVC brushes will do the trick for all other surfaces.

How long do Zodiac pool cleaners last?

The typical Zodiac pool cleaner has a lifespan of 15 years. During that time, you may need to replace parts.

How do you manually vacuum an inground pool?

·         The first step is to prime your vacuum by removing all of the air from your vacuuming system. Removing air pockets in advance can help your system last longer by preventing it from losing suction. As soon as you’ve done this, you’ll simply lower the telescoping pole into the pool and snap on a vacuum head.
·         The suction from the pool circulation pump powers your vacuum system connected to a skimmer inlet. You must remove the strainer basket before the open end of the hose can be connected to the inlet.
·         You’ll now simply move the vacuum head back and forth across the pool’s surface until it’s clean. If you lose suction, you need to repeat steps 1 and 2.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to make a choice alone. Your pool is as good as the cleaning service you render it. Stay out of the loom from unprecedented purchases. I recommend that you maximize the 7 best cleaning products review and guide. Make a smart selection from the listed best automatic inground pool cleaners available in the market.

If you do not have the time and don’t feel like cleaning your pool manually. Or hire a professional cleaner who can suit your taste. It is time to invest in an automatic pool cleaner. It is difficult to relax in a pool or spa full of dirt, slime, and debris. Save the consuming, tiresome and costly job of hiring a cleaner or doing it by yourself. Make the right choice today and be one of the proud pool owners in town!

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