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By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 8, 2022

Having a backyard swimming pool or spa is one great addition to our home. They offer one of the best means of recreation not to talk about their health benefit. But we can’t expect the hot summer to stay all through the year. Eventually, the season will come to an end. Instead of closing the pool and waiting for the next summer.  Machines like the heat pumps are designed to keep your pool warm thereby extending the swimming season by months.

One factor every pool owner wants to always be able to control is the pool’s temperature. This machine is also important in spas either a personal one or a commercial one. The temperature of the spa water has to be warm which cannot always be guaranteed naturally. Spas are used to give medicinal baths; there are quite a lot of spa outlets around the world. Having the best electric pool pump is very important; the right machine can affect profit greatly and improve customer experience. Heat pump finds remarkable usefulness in personal pools and spa too just like the commercial ones.

In this review, you will be exposed to six of the best electric pool heaters in the market. They are very efficient, last longer and give you good value for your money.

What is a pool heater?

An electric pool heater is a machine that helps increase the temperature of the pool. It does not generate heat but harnesses the heat from the environment. Its fan draws heat from the environment into the evaporator coil in its component.

The evaporator coil contains liquid refrigerant which becomes gas after it absorbs the warm air from the environment. The warm gas formed passes through the compressor which greatly magnifies the heat. The hot gas then passes through the condenser which is later transferred to the cooler part of the pool. This is basically how an electric pool heater works.

Now, the pool heater can either be gas-powered which burn gas such as propane to generate heat. There is also the electric pool pump which principle has been explained above.

6 Best Electric Above Ground Pool Heater 2022

1. FibroPool FH120 above ground swimming pool heat pump

FibroPool FH120 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heat Pump

With this amazing pool heat pump, you don’t have to worry about not being able to swim during cold weather. It is one of the most efficient pool heaters in the market today.  With this machine, you can extend your swimming season by month. It pumps enough heat to ensure comfortable swimming even with an outdoor temperature of about 40 degrees Fahrenheit


The pump design is rugged and it can withstand harsh outdoor temperature year after year. The pump is coated with enamel which greatly increases the pump durability. It is perfect for in-ground (max. of 7500 gallons). Also perfect for above-ground pools (12 x 24feet for an oval-shaped pool, 18 feet for around pool).


The pool heat pump has a coefficient of performance value (C.O.P) of 4.81 on average. This means it produces 4.81 amount of heat for every unit of electricity it consumes. This translates to it being a good low energy consumption option. Its operating cost is quite low, about 15 cents per hour. With this machine, you worry less about impeding electricity bills. This is made possible with the machine output of about 20,000 BTU, which is quite impressive. Another impressive thing about this product is its eases of installation. The product can be installed at fast as within 30 minutes and you do not need the help of a professional to do so. Its digital display is user-friendly and allows for control from your house through the extension add-on.

The heat pump is environmentally friendly, unlike the gas heat pump that burns gas. It is a very energy-efficient pump. It is less expensive than a gas pump; this machine gives you more value for your money. You don’t have to worry about refilling the gas; the overall running cost is quite lower than the gas pump.

2. Hayward CSPAXIII 11 kilowatt electric spa heater

Hayward CSPAXI11 11 Kilowatt Electric Spa Heater

Product size

This amazing product harmonizes being durable, efficient, and easy to use beautifully. It is comparatively more portable than other products of similar function. They fit into compact space easily, so you don’t have to worry about clearing out a large space for it. The product is very durable as it is made of strong stainless steel which gives it ruggedness.

Pool size compatibility

This works for the majority of spa sizes available in the market (about 1,000 to 2,000 gallons of water in volume). It is perfectly designed to heat such a volume of water fast and effectively. You may want to get another spa heater for a spa or tub size greater than 2,500 gallons of water. It takes close to 24 hours to raise the temperature of 12,000 gallons of water by 10 degrees. It is not effective for a larger pool, so use only for smaller spas or tub sizes.


This product is also one of the most price-effective products in the market. It is cheaper than most spa heaters and even some gas heaters.  It saves you the money and stress of refilling the propane in the gas heater. And the only money you have to spend outside buying it is the electricity bill. The product is very easy to maintain and use

Product efficiency

The Hayward CSPAXIII 11 kilowatt electric spa heater is very easy to install and use. You don’t need any professional help to install it. It heats at a rate of about 6 degrees Fahrenheit per hour. The time taken to get to a comfortable temperature is shorter. The time to reach the desired temperature is dependent on some factors. The factors are the initial temperature of the water and the size of the spa or pool.  It takes about four hours for it to heat the water to the desired temperature.

3. Raypak 017122 ELSR00111T1


This brand is amongst the top ones in terms of product reputation, efficiency, and durability. They produce some of the most technologically advanced spa and pool heaters in which this product is among. Raypak 017122 ELSR00111T1 is very durable and the outer part is made of anti-corrosion material. This material greatly influences the product life span.

Pool size compatibility

It is arguably one of the best available products in the market. It can heat both an above-ground and in-ground pool. This heater can increase the temperature of a pool by 20 degrees within 24 hours, which is very impressive. It is perfect for most average size pools but not the best option for the bigger pool. This is also not an ideal option for an Olympic-sized pool or basically a pool of that size.

User friendly features

Unlike the gas heater, this product is more environmentally friendly as it does not burn any gas. The machine is easy to use and one impressive thing is it eases installation. It can be self-installed without the service of a professional. The heater is of commercial grade and is great for business either for a commercial pool or spa. Its low running cost is also an advantage in business.


The product heats the pool slower than the gas heater. Because the running cost is low you might want to ignore that. It is equipped with an overheating sensor which tells when the temperature is above the set value. This feature helps to keep the temperature constant for a long. It is probably one of the best commercial-grade electric pool heaters in the market. The product is quite affordable, easy to maintain and the running cost is quite low

4. FibroPool FH055

FibroPool FH055 In Ground Swimming Pool Heater

Product efficiency

Here is another great product from the Fibro pool. It has an output of 55,000 BTU which means the machines use lesser energy while delivering a great performance. It draws heat from the environment; amplifies it and then transfers it to the pool. This helps to increase the pool temperature.  Its titanium heat exchanger increases the pool heater’s durability. It can withstand harsh and unfavorable weather year to year. The exterior is made of enamel-coated steel that making it one of the best anti-corrosion options. It is designed to last decades with little maintenance work. This product is the perfect heater for both small and large pool

Pool compatibility

FibroPool FH055 is a perfect choice for small and large pool owners. It is perfect for the Olympic size pool and can heat up to 10,000 gallons of water. It can increase the pool temperature of about 10,000 gallons by close to 20 degrees within 72 hours.


In terms of saving efficiency, it is one of the best and is second only to the solar-powered heater. Its low running cost makes it a great commercial choice; you won’t have to spend much. This is unlike the other product mentioned. It consumes lesser power and it does not use gas, unlike the gas heater. The gas heater burns gas such as propane and this can have some environmental consequences. The cost of refilling the gas is relatively high; this can be avoided using a product like the FibroPool FH055. You spend approximately about 16 cents per hour.

User friendly features

It is super easy to install, the installation should take less than 30 minutes. The product is user-friendly and with the right extension, can be controlled from inside the house. It is a user-friendly product and its user-centered digital control makes operating it easy.

5. VEVOR electric pool heater

VEVOR Electric Pool Heater 11KW 220V Swimming Pool Electric Heater SPA Heater Electric Assistant Digital fit for Thermostat,NoteYou Must Wire This Item...

Product efficiency

VEVOR electric pool heater 11KW 220V like every product in this review is very efficient. Its constant temperature controller makes sure the temperature is maintained and constant. This feature prevents overheating or underheating below the desired temperature. It has a central control system that monitors every part of the heater and makes sure they are functioning well. When any part of the heater is not functioning well the control panel reacts and displays the appropriate hint message. This helps to prevent further damage to the electric heater component. When the pool heats up to an unexpected temperature, the switch turns off automatically to cut off the system.

User friendly features

The VEVOR heater is user-friendly with its digital display. It is super easy to install and can be done without the help of a professional. The average minute of installation is less than 30 minutes. The heater running cost is low too; you only have to pay for the electricity bill. It is more environmentally friendly than the gas heater which burns propane gas.

Pool compatibility

This is not the right option for a larger pool such as an Olympic size pool. The heater is designed specifically for smaller pools and spas. It is very efficient with the smaller pool it is designed for (about 1,000 TO 2,000-gallon pools).  It heats at one of the fastest rates. The pool temperature increases by 10 degrees within an hour. They are designed specifically for smaller pools and spas; they heat up and keep the pool warm.


Its titanium heat exchanger increases the pool heater’s durability. It can withstand harsh and unfavorable weather year to year. The exterior is made of enamel-coated steel making it one of the best anti-corrosion options. It is designed to last decades with little maintenance work.

6. Hayward W3HP21004T pool heater

Hayward W3HP21004T Pool Heater, 95,000 BTU, Tan


Hayward has been a liable brand for close to a century now. They have been providing pool owners and swimming enthusiasts with arrays of pool heating products.  The product has one of the most durable components for a pool heater. It is corrosion-resistant and designed for heavy-duty work. The heater is built for extreme durability and is perfect for use in coastal areas. This is one of the few products that are super quiet; they make no noise while working. It has a reputation of having the quietest compressor ever made. The components are resistant to rust and deterioration, the evaporator coil is protected by a polyethylene screen. It is made of ultra-gold anti-corrosion evaporator fins. When talking about durability one cannot but mention this product.

Pool compatibility

It is a perfect heating option for medium and large pools and has an output of 95,000 BTUs.  It is perfect for both commercial and personal pool sizes. Heating an Olympic size pool won’t be a problem with the Hayward W3HP21004T pool heater

User friendly features

The pool temperature can be monitored and adjusted with it easy to use a controller. It is compact and doesn’t take too much space. The plumbing connections are easy to fix and maintain. One of the features that make this product stand out is itself diagnostic feature, this monitors the machine performance.


This amazing electric heater comes with two years on defects caused by the manufacturer. The warranty for the compressor is five years and that on the titanium tube is 10 years.  This shows the level of confidence the manufacturer has in the product. It also requires little maintenance work and can be used for decades with little or no-fault. This product is very compactable with the most industrial control system such as the equaling and compel. The price is relatively higher compared to others. Considering the durability, efficiency, and low maintenance work the product gives value for the money.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Spa Heater

The market is saturated with tons of electric heat pumps. They all promise great product performance but sadly not all deliver such promise.  The right information is important while shopping for the Best electric spa heater. We all want an efficient and reliable product. Well, the purpose of this review is to guide you into choosing the right one. Everyone wishes to get the best from the market, to buy a product that gives good value for your money.

An electric pool heat pump is a very reliable machine; it is more effective and environmentally friendly than a gas pump.  Some factors should influence the type of product you should go for and those that you should avoid. The most important factor will be discussed shortly. Price is one factor you should consider. Before a well-detailed list of the factors to take note of while shopping for the best product. This information will guide you into amazing the right decision while shopping for your next product.

Pool size:

The size of the pool is a great factor that should largely influence the type of electric heater you use.  Some electric pool heaters are designed for a small pool, others for a large pool. Some heaters can be used for a wide range of pool sizes.

A 25,000-gallon pool will heat slower than a 1,000-gallon pool. The type of heater used to heat them might be different. Not all heaters are powerful enough to heat a large pool. Personal pools are generally smaller than commercial pools and spas.

Electric heaters are generally more powerful than gas heaters. The electric heater will heat a larger pool than a gas heater. For a smaller pool, you can decide to use a gas heater. An electric heater will do the work too perhaps even better.

Product’s durability:

This is one factor you cannot overlook if you aim to buy the right product. Durability directly affects the product lifespan; we all want our investment to last. Luckily most electric pool heater is very durable; every component is designed to be last long. They are generally last decades with little maintenance work. A product like the Hayward W3HP21004T pool heater is extra durable and can withstand harsh weather as perfect for coastal areas.

The product’s energy efficiency:

This product should probably be on the top of the list. The product’s efficiency directly affects the running cost of the heater. Gas heater requires a refill of propane gas it burns, such product is not too energy efficient. The efficiency of the electric heater dictates the operating cost and how much will be spent on the operational cost.

Product’s warranty:

An electric heater cost lesser than a gas heater but a mots electric heater comes with a warranty. The warranty can be on the whole heater component or some part. A different part of the heater can have a different degree of warranty. A warranty shows the degree of confidence the manufacturer has placed in the product. They can save you from the cost of running a repair with your money.

It is important also to read the condition of the product warranty and not to focus on the length alone. There are usually terms and conditions attached to the warranty. Make sure you read through the manual and you are aware of the terms. More information about the product’s warranty can be gotten on the company’s website or call their customer care line.

The product’s overall running cost:

The amount spent on the heater is not just the price tag. You tend to spend more while running the pool heater. For a gas pool heater pump, the heat is generated by burning gas. The gas burned will eventually run out and you will have to refill. This is the type of running cost for a gas pool heater.

For an electric pool heater, you don’t have to worry about refilling the gas tank. However, remember that heater runs on electricity and consumes power. The 11 KW heaters draw about 50 amps at 220-240 V.  The amount of electricity bill is much lesser than the gas pool heater but will still be noticeable on the electrical bill.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How fast can an electric pool heat pump heat to my pool?

The rate at which electric heats the pool is greatly dependent on the pool’s size. The environmental temperature is also an important factor. A normal electric pool heater should increase the pool temperate by 20 degrees Fahrenheit within one to three days.

My heat pump is leaking, what could be wrong?

First of all the suspected “leak” can be just a result of a natural occurrence like condensation. Condensation is a layman term is like a sweat, this often time can be mistaken for a leak. This is usually because of the change intemperate.

Hi, is there a difference between electric heat pumps and gas pool heaters?

The major difference between the two types of pool heaters is their source of heat. A gas pool heater burns gas such as propane to produce heat for the pool. The electric gas heater, however, uses a considerably small amount of electricity to harvest and amplify heat from the environment. The heat is then pumped to the pool.

What is the meaning of C.O.P?

The C.O.P is a technical term used to rank the efficiency of an electric pool heater. It stands for the coefficient of performance. It shows the amount of energy the pool heater produces per unit of energy.
For example, a pool heater with a C.O.P value of 6.5. It means the heater produces 7.5 units of heat for every unit of energy it consumes.  The C.O.P value can influence your electric bill.

Final Thoughts

The decision is influenced by information; it is safe to say the right decision is influenced by the right information.  I believe that the exposure of this information filled review. You should be ready to storm the market already to obtain some of the reviewed products. The products reviewed are some of the best swimming pool heaters in the market. No, matter the size of your pool (large, medium, or small). Some of these products will be a fit for you.

I affirm that the products are efficient, super durable, and less expensive than conventional gas heat pumps. There is no better time than now in deciding to buy. Be fast and sharp. The winter is almost here!

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