Best Above Ground Pool Covers

By Greg Jarvis | Last Updated: September 8, 2022

You would not want to swim in a pool with insects and dirt on it. Also, draining and cleaning your above-ground pool is such a daunting task. The best thing you can do is to cover your pool to keep the dirt, debris, leaves, and insects away. This will save your time and effort in cleaning and draining your pool.

With thousands of pool covers in the market today, finding one is not easy at all. Knowing what factors you need to consider when buying a pool cover can make your selection process much easier. Find out why Blue Wave 24-Ft Round Leaf Above Ground Pool Cover is our top pick.

6 Best Above Ground Pool Covers in 2022

1. Robelle 3524-4 Pool Cover

Robelle 3524-4 Super Winter Pool Cover for Round Above Ground Swimming Pools, 24-ft. Round Pool

With the Robelle Winter pool cover, winterizing your above-ground pool has made easy. It will not just protect the pool against dirt, debris, and leaves. It will also keep the water chemically balanced throughout the season. Robelle 3524-4 pool cover can withstand any type of weather.

This UV-resistant polyethylene pool cover is the perfect solid winter cover for your above-ground swimming pool. The cover has a 4-feet overlap, which makes it easier to secure tightly. The top is an attractive imperial blue that can withstand the damaging rays of the sun. Robelle’s back cover is black and is very effective in preventing the algae from growing since it is in contact with the water.

The cover has an eight-by-eight scrim, and the cover weighs around 2.36 ounces per square yard. These numbers are more than enough weight and scrim value to fit any type of above-ground pool. Keep in mind the cover should float freely on the pool to achieve the best result. Keep it hanging slightly, and do not stretch the sides throughout to prevent too much stress.  For every four feet, the two grommets are positioned in the center. With this, you can use the winch included in the package and sturdy cable to make sure the pool cover is secured firmly. The manufacturer assures you a 10-year warranty so you will not have to worry about when any issues come up with the pool cover in the future.

2. Blue Wave Dirt Defender

Blue Wave 30-ft Round Rugged Mesh Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

The Blue Wave Dirt Defender is available in different sizes, depending on your pool size. It has an extra 4 feet flat that would run along the edge for better protection. The manufacturer uses the best material for this pool cover, which makes it very durable and sturdy.

Dirt Defender will not let any debris and dirt pass through and makes the pool water dirty and unsafe to swimmers.  It is made of polyethylene materials, and the scrim adds strength to it. It’s because of this toughness built which makes it withstands even the harshest weather. An eight-year warranty is offered so you don’t have to worry if it gets damaged as the company can fix it for free. This above-ground pool cover is also UV-resistant on top. Dirt Defender can take the winter and will survive the strong winds. The black side of this cover has protection against algae, so it will not form even it remains in contact with the water longer. Blue Wave pool cover has tightly fastened grommets to fit the pool perfectly. The cover will remain floating to avoid tension on the sides of the pool.

3. Blue Wave 24ft Pool Cover

Blue Wave 24-ft Round Leaf Net Above Ground Pool Cover

The Blue Wave 24ft Pool Cover is a good choice if you are looking for winter-season pool protection. It is a 28ft pool cover made of woven polyethylene with a high scrim count, which makes it rugged enough to last for months of extreme winter conditions.

This Blue Wave pool cover fits 24 ft pool perfectly. It has a 4ft overlap allowance so you can install and fasten it without stretching and exposing your cover to damage. The pool cover is designed with a royal blue topside treated to make it UV resistant.

The black underside can inhibit the algae growth by keeping the water warm inside the pool. Blue Wave 24 feet pool cover comes with heat-sealed seams, so dirt or debris cannot penetrate. 

The package includes a heavy-duty all-weather cable coated with vinyl to tighten it. It also has a winch to hold the cover securely for complete protection.

The good thing about this pool cover is that it can trap even the smallest leaves before getting into the winter cover. This pool cover has a smaller mesh, unlike other brands with bigger mesh that allows small leaves to pass through it. Simply lay the pool cover leaf net on top of the above-ground pool winter cover. Your cover will be leaf free and cleaning it will be fast and easy. The leaf net eliminates the messy decaying leaves. It has an extra three-foot overlap, metal grommets 30 inches apart. A cable and winch are also included to hold it firmly in place over the winter cover.

4. Blue Wave 30ft Rugged Mesh

Blue Wave 30-ft Round Rugged Mesh Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

The Blue Wave 30ft Rugged Mesh pool cover allows rainwater and fine silt to get into the pool. This mesh pool cover is easy to set up and removed. It has 4 feet overlap to make sure the cover is not being ripped or stretched. Blue Wave also has protection against sun, ice, wind, and snow. Having a mesh cover for the above-ground pool will save you time and money.

This mesh cover enables the water to seep through, so you don’t have to press the cover down to remove the water. Your cover will remain on top of the pool. Also, this cover is easy to set and remove, which could be helpful for people who are not that big. Just like other pool covers, this one is very beneficial during winter, and this cover is likewise designed for this purpose. You might get discouraged by its price. Don’t be as it is worth your money. It is made of high-quality material which makes it very durable. Some may complain of rainwater getting through it, which makes the water dirty. But, for others, don’t mind at all. It is better than without cover at all.

5. In The Swim 18 ft Net Leaf Cover

In The Swim 18 Foot Round Above Ground Pool Leaf Net Cover

This In The Swim pool cover is one of the best leaf covers in the market today. If lots of trees surround your pool area, collecting dry or rotten leaves from the water is a tiring task. So you In The Swim Leaf cover to keep the water clean and free from falling leaves, debris, and dirt. Before the leaves start falling, and dirt fills the water, it is best to lay the leaf catcher on top of the winter cover. Easy to set up and remove from the pool.

If your pool is located in an area where there are trees around, this leaf catcher comes in handy. Just lay this leaf cover on top of the winter cover, and your pool cover will be free of leaves. You don’t have to deal with messy cover with decaying leaves.

In the Swim, pool cover is made of durable knitted polyethylene. It includes fastening loops, cable wire, and a metal winch to secure the leaf catcher in place. Leaf cover color is black, and you can order based on your pool size. Putting a leaf cover over a pool cover can reduce your time in preparing your pool for the summer. You will have an easy time getting your pool back to its usual shape. The company also includes an 8-years warranty to assure you that you will always have a good product at hand.

6. Harris Deluxe Net Cover

HARRIS Deluxe Leaf Net for 15' Above Ground Round Pool

Leaf protection is the primary concern of many pool owners, especially if they are living in an area where there are trees around. They are aware of what dead leaves can do to their above-ground pool if it remains longer on it. The Harris Deluxe net cover can catch all the leaves that may get in contact with the pool. This will help a lot in keeping them from damaging the pool during the winter months.

This 15 feet durable net cover with an extra flap to keep its place. Also, it has tighter and more durable webbing to keep it from moving during strong winds. It is made of high-quality material with rot-resistant binding for durability. The net is UV protected to resist the damaging effect of the sun. 

With Harris Deluxe, you do not have to deal with the swamp-like build-up to make the spring cleaning a chore. It prevents leaves and twigs from contaminating the pool water. The net cover is made of sturdy, woven material that is lightweight and can be carried easily even by one hand. Removing the net is also easy, and you can store it for the winter. In some sunny regions, you can use the Harris leaf cover alone to keep the pool protected when not in use. The mesh enables the sunlight to penetrate, and you can check if there is a growth in bacteria. Its surface is strong enough to hold the weight of the leaves that might fall into the pool.

Things To Consider Before Buying an Above Ground Pool Cover

Determining what the above-ground pool cover will suit your pool best will narrow down your choices. Below are the essential factors you need to consider when deciding which cover is right for your pool.

Size and Shape

Probably the essential factor to consider is if it fits the pool you are trying to cover. Buying a square pool cover for the round pool or vice versa is not a good idea. Choosing the wrong size of the pool cover is also a waste of money.

Make sure that it is large enough to reach the edge of your pool, with enough extra flap so you can tighten it in place and secure it well. Of course, you need to know the size of your pool to buy the right pool cover. You can check the internet for the complete listing of the sizes of the pool cover you are interested in buying.

Ease of Use

If you are having a hard time using the pool cover, you might end up storing it in your garage and looking for a replacement. As a result, you have wasted some dollars. Above-ground pool covers should only take a few minutes to put on and remove it. It should be light enough that one person can do it.


Buying a new pool cover after several months of using it is a waste of money. You want a pool cover that will last longer. This is especially essential if you are purchasing a mesh or solid cover to shut your pool over winter.

The pool cover should be durable enough to withstand the storms, snowfall, and winds without tearing. You would not want to put your effort in vain. It would be heartbreaking seeing a ripped cover and all that it has collected on the top went straight in the water.

Extra Accessories

It is more than just a big sheet of vinyl or polyethylene. You need to make sure that it includes all the required accessories like cables, winch, and fittings. These extras will be needed to secure the cover in place. So no matter how hard the wind blows, it will remain locked down.

In the case of a solid winter cover, it is best to focus on the eyelets to make sure it is tough enough to avoid ripping during heavy rain. You can also consider purchasing a pool pillow to keep the cover away from the water.


Of course, you want a cover that will last longer. Usually, thick, dense covers are of higher quality, particularly if they have UV protection. However, they are quite expensive and can be heavier than usual. So, it might be cumbersome to use.

A cheaper and those that are made of cheaper material can only last for a season or so. Premium covers may last for several seasons, as long as you know how to take care of them.

Volume of Shrubs

If your pool is located in an area where there are lots of trees around, it is best to choose a leaf net that can handle heavy-duty stuff. The mesh on the net is smaller and more durable compared to a regular net. But they are more expensive.

If you choose to buy the one that costs less but with low quality, you might end up purchasing a leaf net every season.

Warranty Period

It is best to invest in an above-ground pool cover with a longer warranty. The warranty assures the consumer that their product will last longer. Go for the products that offer specific warranties and with simple terms and conditions when replacing a defective cover.

Types of Pool Covers

There are three types of above ground pool cover:

Solid Pool Covers

The most durable variety of pool covers. It is not only used for temporarily closing their pool, but also for closing their above-ground pool for winter without the need of draining or disassembling. Made from a high-quality material polyethylene or vinyl.

The appearance of it is somewhat similar to a tarp. However, these two differ in shape, as most of the above-ground pool is round or oblong. A solid pool cover is specially designed to fit snugly over your pool.

Also included in the package is the cable and winch used in tightening and securing the cover. This will prevent the dirt, debris, and even the sunlight to pass through. It is best used together with a leaf net. The pool cover is highly effective in keeping the contaminants at bay.

This type of cover is waterproof, which means you might be needing a pool cover pump to remove the snow and water that might accumulate on the surface.

Mesh Pool Covers

The mesh pool cover is a good alternative if you are looking for a more practical cover to close your pool for winter. This type of pool cover is made of woven polyethylene. Hence, the water or snow accumulated on the surface will simply drain into your pool. It only means that you won’t be needing a pool cover pump. Also, you do not need a leaf net. The mesh will serve as your net since it prevents the leaves and other debris from penetrating the pool water.

Just like the solid cover, it also has a cable and winch to keep it in place. But, since the mesh pool cover is much lighter, it is easier to install and remove. Other brands offer hybrid options that are part-mesh and part-solid.

Solar Pool Covers

This type of pool cover is quite different compared to the first two. They are not made to be used as a protective covering to close your pool over winter. It is a bubble cover that reflects and magnifies the sun rays into the water, heating the pool water. The solar pool cover reduces evaporation, as the plastic sheet serves as a barrier and prevents it from occurring.

It floats on the water surface, unlike the solid and the mesh, which is secured. This type of cover is very easy to use. All you need to do is to trim it to the size and throw it into the pool. You also don’t need a pool cover pump.

Benefits of Using a Pool Pump Cover

Some of the benefits of using a pool pump are as follows:

Protection Against Elements

The weather can affect the parts of your pool heater and pool pump. The heater and pump need to be protected from elements like ice, wind, snow, and rain. One of the leading causes of pool pump damage is the snow, which might cause the freezing of internal parts and lines. Covering the equipment will help reduce the risk from freezing and keep the machine protected from potential damage from other elements.

Protection Against the Damaging Sun Exposure

The rubber and plastic parts of your pool pump can be easily damaged when exposed to direct sunlight. The rays of the sun can reduce the lifespan of your pool pump by 15 to 20%. Using a pool pump cover can protect the equipment from the damaging effect of the sun and may extend its life and help you get more out of your machine.

Protects it From Animals

Some small backyard animals like raccoons, squirrels, golfers, and a lot more can damage the wiring and hoses of your pool pump. Covering the equipment can prevent these animals from meddling with the pool pump. Damages caused by animals can result in a costly repair.

Provides a Small Storage Area

A pool pump cover enclosure can provide you a small area to store other essential tools used in your pool like skimmer, pool vac unit, and others. It is best if you have special storage for all the things you need to keep your pool clean, safe, and clear. Chemicals should be stored separately as these require careful handling.

Keeps Your Poolside Peaceful and Beautiful

Aside from protecting our swimming pool pump from getting damaged, the pool pump cover can also keep your poolside more pleasant. It hides the large and bulky equipment out of sight. The pool pump covers are available in different colors and styles that will match your poolside design. It also helps reduce the noise produced by the pump when running. In addition to protecting your swimming pool pump and heater equipment from damage, the use of a pool pump cover can also help make your poolside area more pleasant by hiding this large and bulky equipment out of sight and behind a beautiful cover.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

Does it help me save water if I use pool cover?

Yes. Pool cover help reduce evaporation by 93%. This only means that you will not only save on water but on money and energy as well.

Can a pool cover heat up the water?

Yes. Since some pool covers do not block the heat from the sun, it can heat the water even if you cover it. The cover also helps maintain the temperature in your swimming pool.

Are these cover strong enough to keep the kids and pets away?

Yes, these covers are strong enough to keep the kids or your pets from falling into the pool. However, they are not rated as children safe, so they are not designed to do that.

Can I do the installation on my own?

Yes. Most of the pool covers are lightweight and easy to install, so you don’t need a professional or your friends to do it.

What is the right way of storing my pool cover?

As compared to a pool blanket, you do not require a pool roller to store your pool cover. All you need to do is to fold it and keep it in a dry and dark place.


The best above ground pool covers is the one that is durable enough to withstand the weather. It should be easy to install and can heat up and retain the heat of the pool water. And this is why we choose Blue Wave 24-Ft Round Leaf Above Ground Pool Cover as our top pick. It is built for safety. You can never underestimate the need for a pool cover. Using a reliable pool cover to seal off your pool and keep it protected from elements of weather and nature, can help you save a lot on repair costs. If you find this post helpful, feel free to comment below.

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